6 reasons to go with an Ezlo smart home hub

1. Control all your smart home devices with just one app

Need control?  We’re happy to hand it to you… literally. Download the Ezlo app onto your phone and you’re putting every device in your home right at your fingertips. With other smart home solutions, different devices can require their own app for contro; leaving you to hassle with dozens of apps. With Ezlo smart home solutions, you can quickly and easily pair all of your supported smart home devices, no matter the brand. The result? Complete control of every device in your home… all from a single easy-to-use app. Go here to learn more.

2. Use your favorite voice assistant

Say you have a favorite voice assistant… maybe it’s Siri.  Or Alexa. Or maybe it’s that guy who’s supposed to sound like James Bond. In any case, you’re not ready to give her, or him, up. Well, with Ezlo, you don’t have to. Unlike some other smart home hubs, Ezlo does not make you choose one voice assistant over another. With Ezlo, you can keep that assistant to whom you’ve become so attached; you can also add additional devices that weren’t controlled by Siri, Alexa, or that James Bond-sounding guy before.

Tell that voice assistant to take you to the Ezlo website right now and order an Ezlo Plus hub!

3. Automate your devices based on time of day, temperature, and more. 

An Ezlo smart hub also gives you the ability to automate your comfort and security settings using four pre-set modes: Home, Away, Night, and Vacation. These modes enable you to create “scenes,” which can be customized to meet your needs by automating devices and sensors that you choose. For example, you’re going on a short vacation. You want to make sure that while you’re away the thermostat is turned down, the doors stay locked, and the exterior lights turn on at sunset. Set a “vacation scene,” and away you go with no worries. If a door is opened while you’re away, the app will notify you immediately. Interested in learning more about scenes and how to create them?  Check out our this blog.

4. Customize beyond your imagination 

An Ezlo smart hub provides customizations that stretch far beyond what you see on your dashboard. And believe it or not, to take advantage of those opportunities, you don’t need to be fluent in a programming language. Maybe you want to change the mood lights in your living room to match the weather or customize how your driveway camera behaves when triggered by a motion sensor. Here’s a good place to visit for ideas and support, not just from us but users who want to take their smart home solutions to the next level: Ezlo Community.

5. Benefit from unrivalled customer care

Each and every amazing Ezlo product is backed by equally amazing customer support. Utilizing a team of knowledgeable smart home technology professionals, we’re uniquely positioned to offer one of the best customer experiences in the industry; and that’s what we’re known for. Should you have a question or concern about any of our products or services, our expert customer care associates — real people, not chatbots — are available to assist you every day in English or Spanish. Support is also available through our website, social media, and at the Ezlo Community website. 

6. Enjoy a Smart Home for Life

As we discussed in a previous blog, the Smart Home for Life program is our answer to customers’ most common question“will the device I’m buying actually do what it’s supposed to?” We heard you. By combining the industry’s longest warranty, a first-of-its-kind integration guarantee, and more, we have made sure that our customers are completely at ease when buying from Ezlo. With Ezlo hubs and our Smart Home for Life program, you can rest assured that you’re getting leading-edge home control that will make your home safer and, more importantly, your life easier. Order your Ezlo Smart Home hub now.

Still haven’t gone to our site to order your Ezlo Plus hub?  Maybe you need a new voice assistant after all.

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