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700 Series Z-Wave

A Guide to The 700 Series Z Wave Wireless Technology

700 Series Z-Wave

With the advent of technology in our daily lives, home automation is becoming increasingly popular. One of the advanced home automation devices is the 700 series Z Wave technology.

The 700 series Z-Wave product is the latest, most advanced addition to the family of Z-Wave home automation devices. It builds on the Z-Wave Plus and 500 series features, adding to them better network range, improved memory, fast communication, and more security. In addition, the 700 series includes a range of products, including wall plugs, motion sensors, and door/window sensors.

Features of 700 Series Z-Wave Vs. Previous Editions

Z-Wave 700 series is the next generation of Z-Wave built to support all the features of Z-Wave Plus and enable the future direction for smart home and security devices. The 700 Series Z Wave represents a breakthrough in performance, range, battery life, and security for wireless IoT networks. Here are some advanced features as compared to the 500 series Z-Wave:

OTA Updates

Over the Air (OTA) updates mean that you can update your Z-Wave devices by sending them a command from your Z-Wave hub or controller instead of physically connecting the device to your computer with a USB cable.

Wireless Range

Z-Wave 700 devices also have a more extended range than Z-Wave 500 devices, with a maximum distance of 800 meters line of sight. As a result, you can use Z-Wave 700 devices to automate your home even if the sites are far apart.

Extended Battery Life

Z-Wave 700 Series quadruples the battery life of the 500 Series from 2 years to 10 years. In addition, it uses 50% less power than 500 Series chips while maintaining optimum performance through a power optimizer.


They are more than twice as fast as the 500 series, use less power, and allow for smaller form factor devices. 


It uses AES-128 encryption to keep your network secure and prevent anyone else from controlling your Z-Wave devices.

Benefits of the 700 Series Z-Wave

This innovative approach allows you to control and manage your household electronics remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. From automated lights to home security systems and thermostats, the 700 series Z Wave comes with numerous benefits.


The 700 series Z-Wave improves the strength and reliability of your network by speaking both the 700 and 500 series language. In addition, by building on the successes of the 500 series, the 700 series brings a host of improvements and new capabilities.

Stronger Signals

700 Series Z Wave chips are backward compatible with 500 series devices. The 700 series Z-Wave chip extends the range of your Z-Wave network by speaking both Z-Wave languages.


The 700 series modules are helpful in various applications such as remote control, monitoring, and automation. The advanced features include large non-volatile memory for network configuration and user files, two high-speed serial ports for use with external devices, Ethernet connectivity, and advanced routing and bridging capabilities.

Improved Network Configuration 

You can easily add devices in any order from any other device on the network. It makes installation much easier for end-users by reducing the number of issues arising when adding new devices to a network.

Over the Air Updates

If a device needs a firmware update, you can do it over the air instead of physically connecting to make changes. 

700 Series Z-Wave devices

Some of the products that use 700 series Z-Wave include:



With Z-Wave thermostats, you can adjust the temperature in your home or office remotely and help you save energy. In addition, they can learn how long it takes to heat or cool your space and can automatically adjust according to your schedule.

Outlets and Adapters

The remote outlets control lamps and small appliances. Z-Wave adapters add Z-Wave capability to any standard outlet.



These devices include motion sensors, door/window sensors, leak detectors, garage door sensors, and water valves that let you remotely monitor something in your home or office via text or email alerts. Some sensors also work with other Z-Wave devices; for instance, you could set a motion sensor on your patio door to turn the light when someone opens it at night.

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Lighting control products that use the 700 Series Z-Wave include smart switches and dimmers, smart bulbs, and smart plugs. In addition, the new protocol offers a more extended range, so all these devices can connect even if they’re far from your hub.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless Security Cameras

Security cameras with 700 Series Z-Wave let you check on your home and kids while you’re away.

Wireless Door Locks

Wireless Door Locks

Using the 700 Series Z Wave, you can remotely lock and unlock doors using smart locks. In addition, they can alert you when someone opens your door.


The 700 series Z-Wave devices suit larger homes and businesses, focusing on performance, security, and interoperability. Some of its features include a more extensive range, faster communication, more memory, and improved security. With more adoption of smart homes and the Internet of Things, the 700 series of Z-Wave is sure to be a hit.

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