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8 Ways Property Management Companies Are Getting Even Smarter.

With smart home automation devices, that is.

I’m sure you’d agree that while the demand for rental properties has never been higher, so is the competition for tenants. How do you grow occupancy in this highly competitive space?  How do you keep pace with the services that residents want and, at the same time, operate your properties more efficiently, better allocate resources, and lower your operating expenses?  

A report by the National Apartment Association says that 84% of residents who do not have smart technology in their units would like to see it deployed across their community. It’s not just renters who crave the convenience smart apartments bring. Property managers are, too, and for good reason.

Smart locks are a good example. Let’s say your resident has a guest or service provider who needs entry into the residence. Your resident sends the visitor a lock code to enter the building and their unit. 

Previously, this was handled by one of your on-site staff, right? The code can be set to expire at a designated time so that the visitor only has access for the agreed-upon time period. And then, when the unit is vacated, the smart lock can simply be reset, eliminating the time and expense of rekeying doors. 

Meet ePT.  Our PropTech platform for property management.

ePT.  It’s shorthand for the Ezlo PropTech platform for property management; the open standards, managed services home automation platform that delivers the optimal resident experience, reduces operational expenses, and increases value, occupancy, and ROI.

We offer fully managed packages that allow Property Managers to start making their properties smarter… and quickly, with service packages that include:

  • Pre-selected Devices
  • Dedicated Cloud System for control of data
  • Online Shop & Warehousing
  • Security
  • Cameras
  • Mobile Data
  • Call center for technical support 

Already have a cloud? Our Back-Office tools can be integrated to provide predictive analytics for maintenance, device connectivity maps and more.

Increase Occupancy and Retention

ePT for Property Managers gives managers control over the entire cycle: from meeting a prospective tenant with an Enhanced Self Tour, providing an App for Smart home control or logging maintenance requests and making sure the home is always a safe and comfortable place to live.  

Refocus Resources and Improve ROI

Increase the efficiency of your on-property staff, such as maintenance team and leasing agents by automating many processes that had previously required their attention and time.

Events are reported in real-time, problems are detected before they become a major incident. The entire workflow is automated with policy and ticketing management.

With every device, in every residence across every property tied to a central platform that  managers can control, on-site staff no longer need to spend time on tasks such as monitoring vacant units and package deliveries, work orders, HVAC operation, fault detection, and leasing tours, to name just a few. This adds up to 15% ROI on OPEX – estimated as $5M savings per year on 10,000 units under management.

Give Residents that Feeling of Security.

Studies have shown that renters are willing to pay more for units that offer the security and convenience of smart home automation.

Our Standard Security packages come ready to install by the renter or a professional – we aim to get the system running in a short time with 24/7 Central Monitoring as an option. We even go beyond physical security systems such as access control and flood protection with the incorporation of cybersecurity solutions backed by Comodo-certified technology.

  What sets us apart from the rest.

  • The Internet-of-Things. Made easy. 

With so many device categories and so many devices, you need a uniform method of connectivity and control.  With Ezlo’s cloud-based, end-to-end platform and remote device management, you can deploy across devices from multiple vendors as a Managed IOT Service, with a unified dashboard and reporting that is essential to scale a new business differentiation.

  • Fully managed packages for lightning fast start up.

We offer a host of service packages: Pre-selected Devices, Cloud, online Shop, Warehousing, Security, Cameras, Mobile Data and even a Call center.  Back Office tools like predictive analytics for maintenance, device connectivity maps and more.

  • Backed by a Decade of Know-how.

We have 10 years of history in this space and we know what works! You can be confident that we can help you integrate new technologies and customize your business solution. We have done this for over 20 large and small companies.

  • Devices designed for ease of installation

When it comes to installation, our devices are some of the industry’s easiest. Which is pretty amazing considering the fact that we support over 27,000 Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and ZigBee devices; from lights and locks to doorbell cameras and thermostats. Our hubs, in fact, can be up and running in just minutes; no professional installation required.

  • The industry’s best support

In addition to easy installation, we stand behind our devices with dedicated, tiered customer support available 6 days/week, 16 hours/day in both English and Spanish. And with Ezlo, you have the option to have us manage customer support for you, (after initial troubleshooting?) if you so choose.

We also stand behind our devices with  a 3-year warranty that can be extended for as long as your resident chooses, simply by maintaining an Ezlo Anywhere Access subscription. 

  • Ease of resident operation

Your residents download our app to any iPhone or Android and they can control all of their automation devices with a single app, thousands of them.  Plus, with our patent pending Ezlo VOI voice control feature, our solutions give residents the power to control the over 24,000 Wi-Fi devices associated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • Flexibility and connectivity guaranteed

Our open end-to-end platform ensures connectivity and flexibility of devices, regardless of manufacturer. Should a resident want to use a device that does not currently operate with our system, we’ll integrate it into our ecosystem; and within 90 days, guaranteed. We’re the only company that will do that.

  • Lifetime coverage

There is a 3-year warranty built into the purchase of each control hub, but that warranty will be extended for as long as your resident maintains an Ezlo Anywhere Access subscription. The warranty for peripheral devices from our family of brands, such as VistaCam cameras and Centralite devices, is a one-year term.

To learn more about how the ePT for Property Management can help you keep pace with the services that residents want and, at the same time, operate your properties more efficiently, better allocate resources, and lower your operating expenses, visit our website at

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