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Meet the last home automation
system you will ever need.

MiOS Edge Computing

Imagine if all smart devices worked together

Smart devices from different brands cannot be controlled without multiple apps, resulting in fragmented home automation. Our solution unifies everything, and gives you centralized control over your whole home.

Easily connect all of your smart home devices and apps

Seamlessly integrate all of your devices and connect all cloud applications. No device or cloud left behind!
If there’s a service, application, or device that you can’t find in our platform, let us know. We guarantee to have it up and running within 90 days.

Automate anything

Put your smart devices and our MeshBot automations to work

With your devices connected to each other, you can create workflows that put your home to work for you. Our automation technology makes this easy. Just drag and drop using our query builder – no code needed. Automate actions for any event – just a few clicks, and you’re set.

Automations, the sky is the limit!

Let your imagination run wild. If you can imagine it, we can automate it! Should a desired automation, service, application, or use case fall outside our platform, let us know. 

Visualize EVERYthing

Visualize all of your smart devices in a single, customizable dashboard

View and interact with all your connected devices in one place. Customize your dashboard with our drag-and-drop editor, or choose from our expansive marketplace of dashboard templates. This level of visibility is simply not possible with other solutions.


Want to create a visual you cant find? Let us know and we’ll empower the platform so that you can.

Ezlo's platform integrates devices, apps, and services, across brands and ecosystems

We've built a flexible platform, one that adapts to your needs.​


Easy setup, intuitive plug and play integrations, no-code automations, and simple to customize visualizations. All in one place.

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Build plugins to integrate with anything, with an open architecture that lets you customize any experience you can dream of.

The possibilities are limitless

You have questions. We have the answer.


Why work with many that are disconnected, when you can work with one that connects them all?

Ezlo's smart home automation is five times the solution of any other platform​

1 X
1 X
1 X

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Unlock the power of complete smart
home management

Create complex automations (we call them MeshBots) to control your smart home edge devices and integrate cloud services into your automated workflows. You can also create responsive, fully-dynamic dashboards, configure virtual devices/switches, and more. All from a single, central hub.

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Ezlo Edge Computing

More cost effective than
traditional smart home hubs

Unlike traditional smart home hardware companies, our MIOS operating system gives us the unique ability to offer our edge computing hubs at a greater value.

Speed when you want it.
Global when you need it.

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