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Are you switching to keyless entry?

One of the effects of COVID-19 is that property managers have started rapidly adopting smart technology in an attempt to make tenants and prospective tenants feel safer within the public areas of a building. 

One of the most popular features is keyless entry, which also offers added benefits of enabling self-guided tours, letting in maintenance staff, key handovers, or warming up units before prospective tenants arrive—with little to no in-person interaction. Let’s get into it: what else will keyless entry do for you?

Self-guided tours

With smart home solutions such as smart locks and video doorbells, you can allow your prospective tenants to safely tour their future apartments in advance with no interaction from the property staff whatsoever. You simply need to generate a pin code that is only valid for the time period you specify. This way you can make your operations more efficient as well as enhance your tenant experience.

Keyless entry for maintenance and cleaning

A keyless entry system is not only good for self-guided tours but also great for maintenance or cleaning staff. As a landlord, you can give time-restricted access to maintenance workers and full access and full access to your tenants. This way, you can keep in-person interactions between residents and your staff to a minimum while performing required maintenance.

No key handover necessary

If you still have a classic key in addition to the digital pin, your tenants can just leave the key anywhere inside, for you to collect. That’s safer and more convenient for you and for your tenant. All you have to do is just make sure you remotely lock and change the door lock pin after they leave.

Reduce costs; drive revenue

Contactless entry is the future of property management, but you can go even further by adopting a platform like Ezlo’s. Ezlo’s property management solutions offer the benefits of keyless entry, while also letting you install smart devices to enhance your tenant experience, and even providing a dedicated online store for your property managers to order new equipment as needed.

If you’re looking to make your operations more efficient and simultaneously create new revenue streams, learn more here or contact us to start a conversation.  

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