Unlocking your smart lock’s potential.

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You’re off to a great start.  You’ve purchased a smart home hub, along with a smart lock. The question now is this:  Are you getting the most out of it? Now that you’ve done away with having to use a key, there are a number of ways that you can really put that lock to […]

Make the smart choice with an edge computing device.

ezlo edge computing

  From securing your home while hundreds of miles away and keeping your beer cold to making sure that your tropical fish are comfortable, smart home devices can perform tasks that are, frankly, nothing short of miraculous. And given all that a smart home can do, you’d think that getting set up would require a […]

8 Ways Property Management Companies Are Getting Even Smarter.

With smart home automation devices, that is. I’m sure you’d agree that while the demand for rental properties has never been higher, so is the competition for tenants. How do you grow occupancy in this highly competitive space?  How do you keep pace with the services that residents want and, at the same time, operate […]

Reasons to Become an Ezlo Security and Home Control Dealer

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Reasons to Become an Ezlo Security and Home Control Dealer Part 1: An Evolving Market The home automation market is evolving rapidly, with home control and security consumers being offered an ever-expanding list of options. According to a Research & Markets study, the DIY & Home security market is expected to reach $11.35 billion by […]

How Smart Energy Management Helps Property Managers Reduce Costs?

Smart home technology is often thought of as a consumer purchase first,  but recently, property managers have also begun looking to smart home tech to solve issues for their businesses, too. Specifically, property management companies are interested in enterprise solutions that enable them to control utilities and interior conditions for any number of properties from […]

The 6 Pluses of the Ezlo Plus

Why Ezlo Hubs

Powerful enough to be stored in a rack room, but trend-forward looking enough for an honored place in your living room, the Ezlo Plus delivers an improved user experience along with faster, more efficient, and highly customizable smart home control.  And while there are a lot more than 6 Ezlo Plus pluses, we didn’t want […]

Four ways to get smart [home] about holiday travel.

New Year’s Day will be here before you know it.  Yes, the holiday season is upon us and with it, that “most wonderful time of the year” when we hit the road (or the skies) to spend time with loved ones. Hopefully, you’ve taken the appropriate steps to ensure that your home, and your belongings, […]

How to be there for an aging loved one… even when you can’t.

Ezlo PlugHub Aging in Place

According to the US Census Bureau, 10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day, and in order to live independently, nearly two-thirds of these adults rely exclusively on family members. Despite the help, independent living as we age is far from easy; it’s tough not only on the aged, but the family members, as well. That’s […]

Don’t Come Home to a HouseBoat.

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Water damage can be extremely expensive. It can result from a variety of, let’s face it, simple causes; by the regular wear and tear of pipes, the failed couplings of washing machines or something as simple as a toilet bowl seal or a clogged utility sink. And it can cost thousands of dollars. You can […]