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Who does not want to improve the security of their own homes? With crime rates going up and criminals becoming less and less identifiable, it’s not only the person you let in your house but also the people who lurk around whom you should be worried about. That is why home automation became a considerable movement in technology, and you should also consider making your home safer than ever, starting with an auto lock system. With every family member in the 21st century knowing how to operate a smart devices, incorporating smart door locks into your daily living should not be a hassle. The use of keyless door locks lets you stay safe, whether you are inside the home or not. While there is a plethora of home security smart gadgets for you to choose from, something as simple as a lock, and something as innovative as an auto lock system, can definitely pave your way to better security, for you and for your loved ones. We at Ezlo stand behind the use of keyless door locks or keyless door locks for better security, and let’s list some of its advantages here.

Auto Lock System


Incorporating an auto lock system and keyless door locks into your home may not be as complicated as you may view it is. As almost any home has access to the Internet, the use of smart door locks may easily be incorporated into the system, and access to various keyless door locks may be introduced smoothly into the household’s daily lifestyle. While many homes are used to traditional metal locks, manual doorknob-and-key combinations, and so on, the use of an auto lock system brings the household into modern times, and even more convenient means for safety. Smart door locks that use face or voice recognition rid you of having to produce endless key duplicates; simply integrate your family’s faces and voices into the system. The smart door lock is simply opened with simple scanning of one’s voice or face, meaning entry is limited to only a select few. The auto lock system may also be accessed through personal AI assistants, such as through Alexa or Google, and may even have accompanying apps that can be installed into smartphones. You may also use a combination of smart door locks and cameras to know who is at the door, and with the use of the app, the smart door lock is opened at your will. No more worries about forgotten keys or stuck locks due to rusting or other physical damage. With an auto lock system, you are given both convenience and security.


Keyless door locks and the equipment that come with an auto lock system are far more superior than traditional locks and knobs, both in technology and in longevity. Physical equipment used for security are subject to wear and tear. The repetitive use of metal locks expose them to the weather, and other hazardous substances such as chemicals and rust. Keyless door locks are not subject to these problems. While the smart door locks rely on internet connection, and non-contact user recognition, keyless door locks will last a long time. Also, tampering a smart door lock will not bode well to trespassers, and these keyless door locks are also activated to alarm you or the authorities in cases of force break-ins by physically harming the auto lock system. There are even systems wherein if the smart door lock is subject to physical harm, no alarm will be heard. Instead, those who have access to the auto lock system are the ones given the signal, not the criminal. Compare that to traditional locks that can be destroyed at the strike of a crowbar. With keyless door locks, longevity with equipment is achieved, and security is maintained. That should be a strong argument to opt for smart door locks.

Overall Security

Keyless door locks will turn your home into a safe haven the way traditional locks and doorknobs cannot. Putting in smart door locks for your family’s safety is a step you will not regret. Having an auto lock system installed for your home not only makes your abode a lot safer, but also puts your family in better command of your welfare. using smart door locks puts you ahead in upholding security, not only in your home but also the community. If an auto lock system is something that you are interested in, start shopping for smart door locks right here. We at Ezlo offer you high-end keyless door locks that not only promise security, but quality as well.

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