Are Battery Operated Outdoor Lights Still Relevant?

Battery Operated Outdoor Lights

Today’s society is very much aware of the need to be more mindful of taking care of the environment through sustainable living.

Setting your own smart motion sensor and light combo has never been easier. Just pick your favorite smart motion sensor and smart light combo, then pair it with a smart home hub to enable full home automation, cameras, and more.

But in the realm of still being able to use technological advancements, it’s still possible to enjoy these alongside being careful with energy consumption. Battery operated outdoor lights for example have gone through a significant development by having sustainable options.

Outdoor light fixtures may not come with the use of solar power. These specific outdoor light fixtures are becoming more popular than battery powered outdoor lights. However, there are sstill benefits of opting for common battery operated smart lights, without adding harmful waste to the environment.

Here are some notes on why you can still opt for outdoor light fixtures that are still powered through traditional yet convenient and sustainable means. Battery operated lights, when it comes to decorating or simply illuminating your yard through outdoor light fixtures, can still be considered relevant. Let’s look at these ideas for incorporating battery lights into your home’s exterior:

Have your Pick

Your battery-operated outdoor lights are traditionally powered by store-bought disposable batteries. When these drain out, your outdoor light fixtures also putter. Instead of stacking up on these to keep your battery-operated lights working for days on end, it will be better to opt for more sustainable types of batteries out there.

Rechargeable batteries for your battery operated outdoor lights can easily be purchased from any hardware store. In using these types of batteries for your outdoor light fixtures, you are not only saving on future expenditures on traditional batteries, but also saving on electricity bills. But in this option, it is optimum for you to choose outdoor light fixtures that are compatible with these types of batteries, which should not be a problem.

Ask for assistance from your local hardware store to get your hands on outdoor light fixtures that operate on rechargeable batteries. With this sustainable revolution, battery outdoor lights shouldn’t be hard to find.

Another option for your battery-operated outdoor lights is the use of solar-powered batteries. Your battery operated outdoor lights will surely stay lit from afternoon till night, from dusk till dawn. Battery lights can stay that long because solar-powered batteries are mostly engineered so that they will last for that entire time.

May it be that your outdoor light fixtures need to illuminate the front passageways of your house for security purposes, or simply if you need to put battery operated smart lights out for a small gathering of friends at the veranda, these solar-powered batteries can do the task for you, and for a long time.

Your battery operated lights will function just as well as plugged-on outdoor light fixtures powered through solar power. After all, solar energy is key to many battery operated outdoor lights, as they are exposed to sunlight most of the time.

Does this mean you won’t have to use traditional batteries anymore? You can still use them for your battery operated outdoor lights, but maybe just stash them in your emergency kit in case your solar-powered or other rechargeable batteries no longer work. In the event that these rechargeable options falter, it’s good to have something else to power up your outdoor lighting fixtures.

You can’t let the night’s darkness fall on you, too. Keep those outdoor light fixtures lit by having batteries right on your stash.

Cordless and Wireless

Your battery-operated outdoor lights will come without any cords that are a hassle during installation. Instead of putting additional effort to hide wires under the grass, or by taking them to walls, your battery lights only need to be hoisted up and propped in the right direction.

These outdoor light fixtures can also be hooked up to your smart home automation programs, even personal AI assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Specific commands can turn on battery operated lights quickly. There are even motion sensors in some battery lights that can be used for lighting that are more for security purposes.

Motion-sensor battery operated outdoor lights put in the backyard where burglars can sneak into, or maybe on stairs that will need better lighting to access: these are just some ideas on how the cordless and wireless capabilities of battery operated outdoor lights can be of great advantage to you. Battery operated smart lights can also be versatile.

Let Ezlo Help You Out

We at Ezlo have a lot of options for your outdoor lighting fixtures. Our options for LED light bulbs and other lighting options are guaranteed to contribute to maintaining sustainability at home, maybe through your battery operated smart lights. Take a look at your options here.

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