Best Home Security Camera System

How to Find the Best Home Security Camera System

Did you know that up to 66% of burglars are people you know? This statistic shows that most home break-ins are repeated and perpetuated by familiar faces. These home invaders have been in your house several times and probably know where all your valuables are. 

Best Home Security Camera System

Only 12% of break-ins include planning, most of which happen during the day. What is more concerning is that there are three burglaries every minute, and that’s in the U.S. alone. Security systems are the first line of defense for home safety. There are hundreds of new products on the market that can benefit you tremendously. Contrary to popular belief, home security systems are not expensive. Technology companies produce cheap consumer components that can merge to create the best home security camera system. 

Finding a top-tier, well-functioning security system is quite time-consuming. You need to evaluate several products and brands to find the correct blend of safety features. The best way to find a structure that works for you is to prioritize. Have a list of must-have features you need and use it to shortlist preferred items. We have compiled a list of primary features every security system should have. 

The Best Home Security Camera System: Must-Have Features

There are several features to prioritize. Some may cost extra to integrate, and some may come as complementary. Evaluate your home space and identify which components are the most critical. Note that the more equipment you have, the harder it will be to integrate. Focus on the most crucial tools and work your way up. Some of the features you need are:

Features of Best Home Security Camera System


Technology is changing at an overwhelming rate. New security companies are developing new systems and utility home security equipment every year. To take advantage of these innovations, you need to invest in a system that leaves room for upgrades. Explore versatile systems that will allow you to improve your capabilities in the future. Upgrades provide a pocket-friendly way to get better value from your home security system. 

Home Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the most highly anticipated technology in home security. The ability to control every function in your home without leaving your couch is quite the feat. This technology enables you to integrate sensors, alarms, and security cameras and operate them from any smart device. 

This automation system gives you real-time monitoring capabilities that allow you to know the state of your home when you are not around.

Home automation also allows you to control lighting. You can switch the security spotlight on once you get an intruder alert or switch on the porch light before you get home. All these features are necessary if you want to keep burglars at bay. 

Back up Power Supply

Burglars usually cut off the power supply to disable security systems. If your home security network relies on electricity, all a burglar has to do is cut the power off. A backup power supply ensures your system keeps running if there is a power interruption. While wired systems are reliable, experts recommend you opt for a battery-powered wireless camera system. 

A backup power supply ensures everything keeps running, and your home stays protected at all times. If you already have a wired security system installed, there are some options you can use to maintain an uninterrupted power supply. You can go for solar power or a portable engine generator. Even if your wired system is not visible to burglars, there is always the chance of a random power outage. 


Home automation is a gradual process. For many homeowners, it is cheaper to buy individual components instead of a full-kit security system. Most security camera systems are brand specific. This limitation means you will need to purchase equipment from the same company to get a functional structure. 

Some brands do not have this limitation. Research equipment that will give you the flexibility to integrate products from different manufacturers. Versatility allows you to purchase security components without worrying about integration protocols. If products from the same company are outside your budget, this flexibility enables you to find cheaper options. 


A security system is not complete without sensors. Note that you are not just protecting yourself from external threats. You require fire sensors, wellness alert systems, and other essential features. These sensors make your security network complete by providing security at all levels. A security system that alerts of plumbing leaks, electrical faults, and thermostat malfunction increases the level of home safety. 


Security camera systems are for more than just monitoring. By blending them with alarm systems and utility sensors, you can protect your home and family from external threats.

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