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Best Outdoor Security Cameras

3 Best Outdoor Security Cameras and The Ideal Places to Install Them

For your house or company, what is the ideal outdoor security camera? This article will guide you through 3 top systems and explain their various features to help you choose the exterior security cameras that suit your budget.

Installing smart cameras is very important, specifically since the internet directly links the surveillance system to your phone. You can use an app to check if you closed the garage door, remind the family to come in for meals via a built-in speaker, and get notifications when an intrusion happens.

Regardless of which security camera you choose, the location you install it might impact its performance. As a result, knowing where to deploy security cameras around your home is crucial.

3 Best Outdoor Security Cameras of 2022

  • Eufy eufyCam 2 Pro
  • Alptop AT-200DW Outdoor Security Cam
  • Reolink Security Camera

1. Eufy eufyCam 2 Pro

Eufy eufyCam 2 Pro

This camera is not only weatherproof (IP67) but also simple to install and run for a year on battery power alone. That long life is partly due to the Sony sensor, which produces high-quality low-light images without white light, reducing the need to climb ladders to recharge the camera(s).

Eufy’s technology uses its base station rather than a costly subscription, making it more cost-effective to invest in multi-camera systems.

2. Alptop AT-200DW Outdoor Security Cam

Alptop AT-200DW Outdoor Security Cam

The Alptop camera might have a distinct arachnid look, but that smattering of ‘eyes’ provides illumination for infrared and visible light night vision. This camera is also not priced when excessive industrial design investment is expected; this is a great way to get 1080P HD footage from locations vital to you or your business.

The lens has a relatively narrow 70˚ field of view, but this extends to 320˚ horizontal and 90˚ vertically with the pan-and-tilt. The app could undoubtedly be better styled, but it allows pan, tilt, and zoom and provides motion alerts. The camera records to an onboard MicroSD card if you choose.

3. Reolink Security Camera

Reolink Security Camera

The camera comes with a CMOS sensor presenting a crystal and sharp view at 1080p full HD even at night. It also instantly sends notifications and email alerts when motion is detected, allowing you to act straight uninvited.

The camera comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and a 2.4 GHz wifi connection. The argus eco can be mounted anywhere with no cords or cables needed. The Reolink security camera works well because of its sound design and structure, including a built-in antenna and an easy-to-setup feature.

Places to Consider Installing the Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Front door

Since the front door is the main entrance to your property and is the first spot robbers try to gain access, you should install at least one of the best exterior security cameras there. Burglars will seek your hidden key first, and if they find it, they will proceed to the next step.

Burglars will try three different methods to access your home through the front door. They’ll start by turning the handle. The number of people who leave their front door unlocked is surprising.

Second, they’ll search for your secret key. Most people hide a key behind a fake rock or somewhere quite visible.

Third, they will try picking the lock or breaking the window if they want in.

Basement window

Homeowners often overlook the basement window, yet it is an excellent break-in spot for burglars. This window usually is in a secluded location; hence it can easily be pried or kicked open, and few people will notice until it’s too late.

Back door

You should install one at the backdoor for the same reason you would put a camera at the front door. Many people forget to lock the back door, especially if their yard is fenced in, and many backdoors are made entirely of glass.

If your yard is fenced, this may be another reason to consider installing a camera at the rear door. Because there is less chance of being seen, this obstacle may make it easier for thieves to break in. The same reason you bought the fence could be why criminals use it as an entry point.

At Worksites

Installing the best exterior security cameras can be used to promote company policies and employee safety. As a result, surveillance should be set up in a location where the device cannot be naturally disabled.


Also, consider certain other factors when deciding where to install home security cameras, such as security camera location rules. It is critical to consider where it is lawful to install security cameras.

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