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Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Best outdoor wireless security camera to keep your home secure in 2022

We’ve all experienced the frustration of fearing that our home isn’t safe while we’re away. These concerns can be alleviated by using the best outdoor wireless security camera to watch your home when you’re at work or on a trip.

The best wireless security camera will is easy to install, has a long battery life, and record clear, high-quality videos. A wireless security camera can keep you informed about what’s happening at home while you’re away on vacation, traveling to the store, or waiting for a parcel. 

Whatever your needs and budget, there will be a solution, and we’ve compiled a list of the top features to look out for below.

How to test the best outdoor wireless security cameras?

Performance, ease of use, and design all play a role in determining which security cameras are the most effective. Additionally, these cameras provide high-quality footage both throughout the day and at night, as well as clear audio and a microphone that allows you to talk to and hear individuals on your property.

Other qualities of the best cameras include sirens, the ease with which the app can be navigated, and, if applicable, the battery life. Although not every camera is suitable for every application, the finest low-cost wireless cameras are weatherproof and may be used outdoors.

What is an outdoor wireless security camera?

A wireless security camera records everything in its range of vision, allowing you to check in on it and stream live through an app while you’re away. It can also detect and alert you to any motion generated by a person, animal, or vehicle. Some wireless security cameras can also detect the source of the motion. You can set it to receive a warning for an intruder.

Since these cameras are wireless, they will save videos either on the device or in the cloud. As a result, unlike a traditional CCTV system, you won’t need wires running throughout your home or a large central unit. Some connect to the home internet, while others require a base station that connects to your home router.

Things to look out for when sourcing a wireless security camera

Video storage

Most cameras save your footage in a secure “cloud” on the internet. Some provide you free access to clips for a limited time. However, you’ll need to pay a monthly plan that can cost anywhere from three to seven dollars if you want to watch or download them to your cellphone for up to 30 days. Some require a subscription to view the video, while others offer a free trial. Alternatively, some cameras include local storage, allowing you to save footage to an SD Card in the camera or the base station.

Field of view

Different cameras have varied fields of view, which relates to the amount of space that the lens can cover. The camera will view a wider area with a larger lens. Consider where you’ll set the camera or whether its viewing angle will be sufficient.

Wide-angle security cameras have a field of view (FOV) of up to 80 degrees. A security camera with a super wide-angle lens can cover up to 180 degrees or more. The best outdoor wireless Security camera is the ultra-wide-angle security camera that can cover up to 360 degrees.

Colour night vision

Although most cameras only have black and white night vision, some feature color night vision. This can be useful if you need a more thorough description of anyone suspicious in your home.

Almost all IP cameras have color night vision capabilities but require manual settings. However, image sensors directly impact video quality and distinguish surveillance cameras with color night vision capabilities from those without.

Two-way talk

A built-in microphone and speaker are standard features on many wireless surveillance cameras. This means you can communicate and hear anyone in the camera’s view. This is useful for calling out trespassers in your home as it is for communicating with your pets while you are away.

Number of cameras

Kits with two or more cameras are available for some models. If you want to cover a more significant portion of your property, this is the way to go. It’s usually more cost-effective to purchase a multi-camera kit than several single-camera kits.

Wireless security cameras reduce crime and offer homeowners peace of mind significantly. These cameras provide you with the best possibility of recovering your items even if a burglary occurs. Outdoor wireless security cameras are well worth the money if you can afford them.

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