Best Security Camera System

The Best Security Camera Systems in 2022

2022 has recorded a rapid increase in home break-ins. A burglary happens once every 30 seconds in the U.S. This statistic is terrifying for many homeowners and emphasizes the need for home security systems.

Best Security Camera System

Home break-ins result in an average loss of almost $3000. This figure is alarming, and it has made the need for security systems a necessity rather than a luxury. Modern home security systems are no longer for large corporations/upscale neighborhoods-they are now a common feature in many homes. Burglaries are happening everywhere-home invaders are targeting rural and secluded locations. 

Every home needs a security system. It acts as the first line of defense against external and internal threats. Modern cameras have a list of cool features that make them easy to install and operate. These cameras also have equipment that provides 24-hour monitoring and recording to facilitate constant security. 

There are plenty of top-class home security networks on the market. Here is a list of some of the best security camera systems in 2022 and why experts recommend them for homeowners. 

The Best Camera Security Systems in 2022

These systems are shortlisted because they provide utility value and have a wide range of options. They offer theft protection and safety from fire and water damage. 

Best Camera Security Systems in 2022

Frontpoint Home Security System

This camera security system is easy to install and operate. You get control of monitoring and evaluation. Although it is slightly more costly than other brands on this list, this security system is a worthy investment. 

Frontpoint features smart-home integration, 24/7 monitoring, and a real-time video feed. Additional features include crash and smash protection and a wide selection of equipment to select. Frontpoint also gives you several indoor and outdoor camera options that give you wide-angle viewing and HD video quality. 

SimpliSafe Security Camera System

The standout feature of this security system is that it does not require you to sign any contractual agreements. It is a top-tier option that gives you affordable monitoring and real-time recording. It offers professional monitoring via a live feed evaluated by expert personnel. You also get access to emergency response and a direct line to law enforcement. This feature facilitates a quicker response if there is an intruder on your property. 

SimpliSafe is a fan favorite because it is cheap, effective, and reliable. This system offers durable security cameras which are rain and wind resistant. 

You also get a 60-day warranty if your equipment does not function properly. This money-back guarantee speaks to the confidence in its product range. 

SimpliSafe offers the best new outdoor cameras in the market, is reliable, and very dependable. 

ADT Camera Security System

ADT offers experience and versatility. It is a scalable security system backed by a century and a half of professional monitoring services. It is well known and has nine monitoring centers equipped with hundreds of expert personnel. ADT partners with industry giants such as Google to provide leading services to its clients all over the globe. 

While other companies offer one or two-month warranties, ADT gives its customers up to 6 months. It is the best money-back guarantee by any security company in the business. It offers a list of options for outdoor and indoor cameras. There is plenty to choose from, all with 24/7 professional monitoring. 

Multiple monitoring centers also ensure that their services are always available to customers. These centers work together to guarantee their services are available full-time. 

Abode Security System

Abode is another security system that offers smart-home automation at the peak of its powers. It is a versatile system that works will all the major smart-home infrastructure. It is not brand specific, so you can integrate it into any equipment you want. 

Abode is a full-featured security system. It has all the bells and whistles-remote monitoring, voice activation, motion, and infrared capabilities. It is very affordable, costing as little as $20 monthly. Abode is reliable, effective, and provides professional monitoring full-time. 

It is easy to install, works for private residences and rentals, and has a simple operating procedure. It is a DIY system that is effective and suits different purposes. You can also upgrade Abode software at any time. 

Vivint Security Camera System

Another fan favorite. This system offers what is perhaps the best value overall. The equipment is high-tech and has standout features such as lurk detection and several advanced home security systems. Vivint offers free in-home security consultations as well as full-time professional monitoring. They design their equipment, making them an industry leader in security technology. 


There are several options when it comes to home security systems. Homeowners can get decent value even with budgetary restraints. Pricing is no longer a concern as most manufacturers produce effective equipment at pocket-friendly rates. 

If you want to protect your home and family from intrusion, now is the time to invest in a security system.

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