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Best Security Cameras

The statistics on home invasions and burglaries are alarming. Most burglars break into the same house several times, especially if the owner has not installed a home security system. What’s concerning is that only about 13% of reported burglaries result in an arrest. 

Best Security Cameras

There are various reasons for these statistics. First, over 70% of homeowners don’t have security systems or see the need to install one. Modern security systems are expensive and difficult to operate. The second statement is a misconception. Hundreds of components get purchased over the counter for home security every day.

There are fake outdoor security cameras that create the illusion of a security system. 

Before you lose hope, note that several effective systems are cheap and reliable. We have compiled a list of some of the best security cameras in 2022. These are cameras that have been tried, tested, and approved by home security experts and homeowners alike. 

The Best Security Cameras in 2022

Security cameras are the first thing you think about when looking for a home safety network. They provide monitoring and recording capabilities that help deter criminals from breaking into your home. Modern advanced features such as motion detection and thermal imaging make this equipment sharper and more efficient.

Here are some top picks you should consider when purchasing a security camera. 

Abode Iota

Feature-rich, compact and efficient, the Iota is the most high-tech camera you can find. It is an all-in-one camera that provides crisp video quality and has motion detection and unlimited cloud storage. The Abode integrates with all the major operating systems, with voice search and control making it the pick of the day. 

Abode Iota

This camera is cheap, has 24-hour monitoring, and is durable. It is a camera that you can fit anywhere in your home and is easy to hide from plain sight. The compact nature of this camera also makes it the perfect monitoring solution. The Iota costs about $20 monthly.

It is the cheapest option on this list, offering HD video quality and integrating into any smart-home ecosystem. 

Ring Stick Up Camera-Battery Operated (Wireless)

Another highly rated camera is the Ring Stick Up. It is flexible, fully wireless, and durable. It is resistant to rain and wind, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This camera is also cost-friendly. Like Iota, this resource also offers cloud storage. The limitation with this item is that it only integrates with Alexa. 

The Ring Cam has decent video resolution, wireless convenience, and smart-home integration. It costs around $100 to install, which isn’t too much considering the value points you get from it. 

Arlo Pro 4

Another wireless option is the Arlo Pro. It is easy to install, has decent video quality, and is affordable. Compared to other cameras, the Arlo provides more value for money. With added features such as thermal imaging and night vision, this is one of the cameras at the top of its game.

This camera provides 24-hour monitoring, cloud storage, and Smart-Integration, and is easy to operate. You may have to pay for the cloud storage, but it will only cost you about $3. 

Wyze Cam

The Wyze Cam has been the topic of debate for close to two years. The argument is whether this ridiculously cheap camera is worth its weight in gold. For only $36, the Wyze camera offers night vision, motion detection, live streaming, and HD quality videos. Storage is always a concern for security cameras.

Fortunately, the Wyze camera comes with a MicroSD slot that allows you to increase system storage as much as you like. 

Some varieties of this camera also have smoke and fire detection capabilities. 

For the price, the Wyze is one of the best investments you can make in the quest for improved home security. It’s reliable, features rich, and cheaper than all the other cameras on this list. 

Nest Cam Indoor Camera

Last but not least is the Nest camera. This equipment is a sophisticated Smart-Google camera with advanced features such as object detection. It will only set you back about $100. It has free Smart-Features, has an easy setup procedure, and is easy to operate. While designed for indoor use, some models work outdoors and provide a similar value. 

Nest Cam Indoor Camera

The Nest Cam is the only variety of wired security cameras competing at the top of its game. While many homeowners opt for wireless cameras, the Nest Cam Indoor Camera gives these systems a run for their money. It works great, provides precise image quality, and is feature-rich. 

Bottom Line

Of all the security camera brands on the market, these provide operational efficiency and reliability. They are also products from some top security camera manufacturers, so quality and ROI are guaranteed.

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