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Best Wireless Home Security System

How To Find the Best Wireless Home Security System

Wireless technology is the future of home security. These systems deter criminals, are reliable, and have better functioning equipment. In addition, wireless security systems are easy to manage and are now an affordable option for consumer use. 

Best Wireless Home Security System

When looking for a security system, there are a few boxes that you need to tick first. 

  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Does it have remote monitoring?
  • Can I access/stream live video footage from my phone?
  • Does it integrate with emergency response services?
  • Does it have fire, flood, motion, smoke, and heat sensors?
  • Is it reliable? 
  • Does it prioritize cyber-security?

There are plenty of wireless networks on the market today. However, many OTC brands are cheap and unreliable. To find the best wireless home security system, here is what you need to do. 

How to Find the Best Wireless Security System

First, you need to determine the primary purpose of your security system. A system used in a busy grocery store and an apartment complex requires very different equipment. For this reason, it is critical to know what kind of security suits you and the specific components that will give you the most reliability. 

Wireless Security System

Most homeowners invest in several redundant gadgets that don’t add value or effectiveness to a security system. For a home network, all you need is a few security sensors, a couple of well-placed cameras, and a smart-locking system. The more equipment you purchase, the higher the installation cost will be. Invest in outdoor cameras, motion sensors, a video doorbell, and maybe a two-way voice-controlled system. 

You only need a few devices to get your smart home ecosystem up and running. Try not to purchase too many components. Remember, you want a system that is easy to control. Integrating too many devices into your home network can slow down your internet connection. For your first purchase, stick to the basics and gradually work your way up. 

Over-the-counter wireless security systems are not recommendable. The biggest concern with wireless technology is its vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Most cheap wireless devices are easy to hack into because they lack encryption. 

As a first-timer, look for a wireless security system that offers professional installation and encryption services. These companies facilitate professional remote monitoring, emergency response services, and surveillance. 

A professional service will also give you the value of proper device placement and systems operation testing. The point of all these procedures is to ensure your security equipment is online and functional. Professional services are crucial because homeowners do not have the experience to assemble an entire security system. This service may cost a bit more, but it saves time and guarantees safety and efficiency. 

Are Wireless Security Systems Effective?

Wireless security systems use an interconnected network of devices that use your home WiFi to communicate with each other. This Internet of Things relays information and instructions to each device and allows you to operate several components simultaneously. 

For example, a motion sensor attaches to an infrared camera. When the motion sensor detects movement, the infrared camera uses thermal imaging to pinpoint the location. This system then sends you an alert to notify you that there is someone on your property. Essentially, this wireless network of devices creates a flawless setup that is difficult for burglars to evade. 

Unlike other security systems, a wireless network can integrate lighting, heating, and even sync to common household appliances like a smart-dishwasher. Wireless technology offers more than just surveillance and home protection. It gives you comfort, improves convenience, and makes home management easy. 

A wireless security system has its pitfalls. Many of these systems are still not equipped with proper anti-hacking software. This problem makes them easy to hack into and risky for unsuspecting homeowners. Wireless networks are also exposed to signal interruptions if the WiFi network is weak or if you integrate too many devices into it. 

An IoT network connects all your devices. A hacker can access your home network from any of these devices. The overwhelming number of devices in your network may make it impossible to secure your home security system. Technology experts recommend VPNs, two-step verification, and strong passwords to protect your smart-home ecosystem. 

Lastly, there are some concerns about the running costs of wireless security systems. While self-installation and monitoring may save money, there are other considerations. Monthly fees for professional monitoring and battery costs will dent your pockets somewhat. There is also the concern that most wireless devices have very high upfront costs. 

Despite all these issues, wireless security systems are still the best and most effective solutions for modern homeowners. If that doesn’t sell you on this technology, then consider the fact that they increase property value. 

Bottom Line

Home security needs are changing rapidly. People need quicker alert systems, better monitoring/surveillance, and faster emergency response. Wireless security systems are a step into the future and one that every homeowner should embrace.

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