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Discover some examples of our in-market solutions. Don’t see what you need? We’ll customize one for your business.

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Help Customers Save Energy & Feel More Secure

One of our utility partners offers their customers multiple paths to a connected smart home solution.

Basic Package

With a PlugHub and two bulbs, you have a sub-$100 entry point that gives your customers to start monitoring the energy of any device plugged into the PlugHub, as well as smart bulbs that add convenience and energy efficiency to any home.

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Advanced Package

Some customers look to put more emphasis on home security, so the utility company also offers an energy and security package that features a control hub, door-window sensors, a motion sensor, smart bulb, and even a panic button to call our central monitoring service in the event of a true emergency.

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Add-ons and other services

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Leveraging our app and central monitoring security service, the utility offers their customers 24-7 protection and panic buttons for fire, police, and paramedics should there be an emergency.

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We also developed an energy account management app so customers can use our app to manage their utility accounts and their smart homes from a single interface.

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To customize their bundles, customers can add choose from additional devices such as outdoor cameras, motion sensors, and more.

Property Management

Touch-free experiences & improved efficiency

One of our property management customers deploys a solution that focuses on improving the efficiency of their bottom line, and has the added benefit of providing an enhanced customer experience.

Basic Package

With a smart lock, thermostat, doorbell camera, and 4G-LTE enabled controller, this package lets property managers leverage the benefits of remote access control whether the unit is occupied or not. The devices create a touchless entry system that takes away the need for an employee to be present during showings or for repairs, and the smart thermostat can be turned up in advance of a showing.

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Advanced Package

Ezlo offers dedicated e-commerce storefronts so your on site managers can order more smart devices as needed, and have everything billed to a single account. Ordering takes just a few clicks, saving both your managers and your business time that can be spent on more strategic projects. 

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Add-ons and other services

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Offer tenants wireless “take it with you” upgrade packages of smart devices that include sensors, smart lights, and more.

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Create one-time use entry PIN codes to admit people to the unit as needed.

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Monitor the coming and going of employees and repair personnel.

Aging in place

Delivering peace of mind to caregivers and families without intrusion

As more elderly people choose to live alone, the demand for aging-in-place solutions has accelerated, and Ezlo’s platform is uniquely positioned to deliver the kinds of passive monitoring solutions that allow caregivers and families to check in on their loved ones without feeling like their privacy is compromised.

Basic Package

Beginning with just a controller, a panic button, and a 4-in-1 sensor for motion, temperature, and more, one of our Aging-in-Place customers provides an add-on service to their core business. In turn, seniors have a sense of security knowing they can notify someone via the panic button, and caregivers can monitor the conditions inside the home to ensure that everything is ok at all times.

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Advanced Package

A family’s biggest fear is that something may happen to an elderly loved one when nobody can be there to assist. With the addition of a smart lock and 24/7 centrally monitored emergency services, that fear goes away. With medical dispatch on call at the touch of a button and a door lock that offers remote access so EMTs don’t need to break down the door in an emergency, Ezlo takes a smart solution to a life-saving level.

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Add-ons and other services

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Offer multiple sensors throughout the home, including on chairs and under mattresses, to ensure regular routines are being kept.

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Smart lights that can be triggered via motion sensor to light seniors’ way at night; plus a customized application with large tiles and font makes it easy for seniors to read.

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Multiple user profiles in the app give caregivers and family insight into what’s happening at home.

Want to build your own solution?

Many companies choose to create their own experience on top of our platform. Here are just a couple of examples of how they’ve done it.

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Security & Home Control

A security company embedded our Atom hub inside their security panels to give their customers the new benefits of home control from the same familiar interface they use to protect their homes. 

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Property Management

One company built an asset management and monitoring system, using the connectivity of the Ezlo’s controllers and platform to track what’s happening in empty units and ensure that problems don’t go unnoticed.

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Energy Monitoring

After creating their own UI for a clean energy subscription service, this startup used Ezlo’s platform to build a demand response system that monitors appliances and automatically reduces energy use during peak hours on the grid.  

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