Components of Home Alarm Systems with Camera

Home alarm systems with camera may have simple setups, but they work in a sophisticated way. They take a lot of processing power to store and work data.


For example, some home controllers have a central processing unit of 600 MHz MIPS SoC. Imagine how much tasks it could do with that CPU.

Powerful computing power is required even more for home alarm systems with camera. Because of the camera aspect, computers need to process images of millions of pixels. We could only draw a faint sketch of how they process security cameras that produce 3.6 million pixels of image.

Not to mention that home alarm systems with camera have other devices to take care of. There are motions sensors and other detecting devices to deal with.

Home alarm systems with camera have an astonishing computing capability. For this reason, it is worth the while to study their components and appreciate the workings.

Devices of Home Alarm Systems with Camera

Smart devices are what makes up home alarm systems with cameras. One of the first in this system is the camera itself.

Security cameras provide the visual aspect of wireless home security systems. But there are security aspects that cannot be detected by cameras. These include movements in very dark parts of your home. This is remedied by integrating motion sensors in home alarm systems with camera.

Smoke is another aspect that is barely detected by camera as it is too thin to be clearly seen. This is then remedied by the smoke detector that can effectively detect smoke.

There are other devices that could be added to home alarm systems with camera. These include heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and glass break detectors.

Heat detectors could detect heat that is too excessive to be normal. These excessive heat are usually clear indications of a fire breaking out. Carbon monoxide detectors spot lethal carbon monoxide. This chemical is odorless and colorless, so it is quite hard to be spotted by the naked senses.

The glass break detectors detect the sound of breaking glass. Some burglars break in homes by smashing glass windows or doors. So, this device is a valuable addition to home alarm systems with camera.

Combine all these devices and you will see robust home alarm systems with camera.

Wireless Protocol of Home Alarm Systems with Camera

Wireless protocols for home alarm systems with camera are quite abundant.

One of the earliest wireless protocol is Bluetooth. Some devices in wireless home security systems still use it. Bluetooth has developed so well that it could connect devices as far as 328 feet apart.

Z-Wave and ZigBee can also be alternative protocols in home alarm systems with camera. Both these competing protocols could have a range of 328 feet like Bluetooth.

ZigBee is often contrasted with Bluetooth. Its advantage to the latter is that it is less costly and draws less power.

Another more modern wireless protocol for home alarm systems with camera is the Wi-Fi. they have a relatively shorter range that the protocols mentioned. Wi-Fi routers that have 2.4 GHz band could reach up to 150 feet.

Virtual Assistant of Home Alarm Systems with Camera

Virtual assistants could also be integrated to home alarm systems with camera.

Siri and Cortana has been known to assist us in our smartphone and personal computer experiences. Siri serves people who have Apple gadgets and Cortana for Microsoft devices.

Virtual assistants are not just a thing in smartphones, though. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also known to aid home alarm systems with camera.

These virtual assistants can help you distribute tasks among your devices. They also commonly allow voice command, so doing so would be easy for you. This works just like virtual assistant in smartphones.

Home Controller of Home Alarm Systems with Camera

If you want to control home alarm systems with camera using an app, you would want a home controller.

The home controller will connect your device with the home alarm systems with camera. It will act as the “brain” of a home automation system. Connecting it to your device using an app will let you control this “brain”.

The app will do a large part in your experience with home alarm security systems with camera. So, you need a home controller to use it to control your devices.

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