Type of Home Security Camera with App

Everything comes with an app now. From food to transportation, you could enjoy services using an app for convenience. Now, you could also feel secure about your property using a home camera with app.

Home Camera with App

In 2017, there are over 7.6 million reported cases of property crime. You would not know when property crimes will come to you. So, installing a home camera with app in your home will give strength to your preventive measures.

The home camera with app is one of the latest updates in security cameras. Older versions of security cameras do not allow real-time showing of footage. When a crime was caught on tape, you will only be able to check it moments after it happened.

The home camera with app, though, allows you to check the real-time footage. This is possible using a mobile application that comes with the camera.

So, here are some types of camera that could be used with an application.

Home Camera With App 1: Indoor Camera

The indoor camera could also be a home camera with app. The indoor camera is one of the most essential devices of home security. It watches over the interior of your home which is teeming with valuables.

An indoor camera is usually installed in the living room and the hallway that leads to bedrooms. It is ideal to be installed in any room where you keep your valuables. These rooms could be teeming with expensive gadgets, cash, and jewelries.

Installing indoor cameras already provides security for your belongings. Turning it into a home camera with app will make it even stronger in watching over your home.

The app allows you to track what your camera sees using only a phone. You could do it even at work or travelling abroad.

Home Camera With App 2: Outdoor Camera

An outdoor camera is also one of the most important security cameras in your home. It watches over entries and exits around your home. They are instrumental in preventing potential intruders before they could enter your home.

An outdoor camera could also be strengthened even more by turning it into a home camera with app. It could be installed in patios leading to the front door. They could also be installed by the backdoor or windows.

These places mentioned are main entry points to your home. So, securing them with an outdoor home camera with app is important for your home security.

Imagine being able to track these places in your home in real-time. That is what the outdoor home camera with app will allow you to do.

An outdoor home camera is also usually durable and weatherproof. They could stand heavy rains and strong winds when installed properly.

Home Camera With App 3: Motion-sensing Camera

Some cameras also have motion detection capabilities. These cameras usually stops recording when it detects no movement. But, when it detects any movement, it turns on and starts recording.

This set up allows for more efficient use of storage of footage. Other cameras record all the time. So, footage without any major detail still takes up storage space.

This problem is then remedied by the motion detecting camera. This type of camera too could be turned into a home camera with app.

Of course, you do not want to watch over an hour of security camera footage where nothing is happening. If you are the kind of person that prefers things to be direct-to-the-point, this is the camera for you.

Good thing that this camera could also be a home camera with app. So, you could watch any movements it detects with your phone even at work.

Home Camera With App 4: Movable Camera

The movable camera could also be a home camera with app. These cameras have motor-driven actuators so they could be moved in any direction.

One of the problems of cameras is the limited field of vision. This camera set up widens its coverage. This is by directing it to places that cannot be reached by a single direction.

Some models of movable camera could be moved using an app. This is possible when the camera is a home camera with app.

This camera is ideal to be installed in large rooms.

Besides, burglars are quite the experts in detecting blind spots. So, having a movable home camera with app could be valuable for your home security.

Home Camera With App 5: Wireless Camera

Wifi wireless home camera with app are having a trend nowadays. These cameras readily come with an app. This is so that you could monitor what they are recording anywhere you like.

The wifi wireless home camera with app allows you to watch footage through the Internet.

Some models allow immediate upload of footage to the cloud storage. So you could have access to them in any device.

Building a strong home security plan could be challenging. But experts here at Ezlo Innovation are more than willing to help you out. You could reach us at +1 (866) 966-2272. You may also send us your word at [email protected].

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