Reasons to Install a Home Safety Camera

Homes that have a home safety camera are less likely to be broken into by burglars. Burglars do not want to be seen or recorded. So, burglars are more attracted to homes without a security system.

Home Safety Camera for Remote Monitoring

There are roughly 2.5 million burglaries happening annually. But, only 13% are solved by the police. Some of the reasons cited for this small number is the lack of witness and physical evidence. This is not surprising considering that only 17% of houses has a working home security system.

Property crimes may be your major reason to install a home safety camera. But there are other reasons to install a home safety camera other than your property.

Home Safety Camera to Protect Your Property

When you go to work or leave your house, the home safety camera is one of the things you could rely on. You do not know what happens when you are away.

According to, there are over 1.4 million burglaries that happen during the day. This number is slightly larger compared to over 1.3 million that occurs during the night.

This means that 6% of home break ins are more likely to happen during the day. This period is between 6:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. During this period, people are away from home in work, school, and other errands.

During this time of the day, you need an eye to help you watch over things while you are away. This is a task for the home safety camera.

Even while at work, you could use your home safety camera to see what it captures with its lens. You may also need the home safety camera when you are on vacation.

U.S. Department of Justice reports important data about burglary between 1993 and 2010. Their data shows that summers have the highest burglary rate among the other seasons. Spring have about 9% lover rates, while 6% for fall, and 11% for winter.

Summer is usually the season to leave the house and go on a vacation. With no eye to watch over the house, the home vulnerable to burglars. But this can be remedied by a home safety camera.

Home Safety Camera to Protect Yourself

Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that 27.6% of break ins happen with a person still at home. Sadly, 26% of those cases have someone harmed during the process.

So, in burglary, your property is not the only thing that could be affected. Even you yourself could be directly affected.

A home safety camera may not just protect your property. It can protect you as well.

With a home safety camera, you could monitor every part of your house where you installed one. And you could track what your cameras sees even with just your phone if you have a home security app installed in it.

Using the phone, you could see where the burglar is if he or she ever dares to break into your home. You could avoid those places where the burglar goes to and find a safe place.

Home Safety Camera to Protect Your Family

Well, you may not be the only person living in your home. You may also have your family to protect. And they are enough reason to install a home safety camera.

Around 7.2% of burglaries involved someone getting hurt. And you would not know who will be hurt the next time an intruder breaks into your home.

Burglars often abort their plans even by the mere sight of a home safety camera. Installing a home safety camera could add strength to your home security.

Home Safety Camera as ‘Nanny Camera’

You could also use a home safety camera as a so-called ‘nanny camera.’

A nanny camera is a home safety camera that is installed to watch over how a nanny takes care of a child. They can be either hidden home security cameras or cameras in plain sight.

Face it, you cannot be around for your child all the tim. So, nannies are there to help you with taking care of your child.

Yet, you still want to watch over your child in any minute to check out if he or she is doing well with the nanny. So, the home safety camera is installed to help you with this matter.

Home Safety Camera to Watch Over Your Pets

Hidden home security cameras could also be used to watch over your pets. You know that pets are unpredictable. They could be running around the house at the moment, and scratch on your couch later.

So, we might need the help of a home safety camera to check out how our house is doing with our pets alone in the house. The home safety camera will help you check out your pets even if you are at work or buying groceries.

So, what else do you want to know about the home safety camera? Are you planning to install your very own home security camera system? Give us a call at +1 (866) 966-2272. You may also have us read your comments or thoughts at [email protected].

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