See These Features in a Home Surveillance Camera App

The home surveillance camera app is just as important as the security camera to your smart home. It lets you track your home even when you are miles away from your house. You may be at work or at the grocery, or travelling in another state.

Home Surveillance Camera App

One of the most common property crimes is burglary. It happens nearly 1.6 million times in the United States annually. Sadly, the police only solves 13% of them. The lack of witnesses or physical evidences are cited as the reason for the small solve rate .

Burglary is one of the primary reasons for availing a security camera system. We want to protect our property. So, in protecting what we worked hard for, it is for our interest to find the best way possible to do so.

So, in checking your home surveillance camera app, make sure to see these features below:

Compatibility of the Home Surveillance Camera App to Your Phone

We should mind the compatibility of the home surveillance camera app to our device. In fact, this should be one of the first things we should consider in inspecting the app.

Some models of home surveillance camera app are compatible to both Android and iOS. But there is a smartphone security camera app that could only be available on Android. While there is also an app that is exclusive to iOS.

If all your devices works on Android, there will be no problem if the app only has an Android version.

The same goes when all your devices are Apple products. There will not be a problem if the home surveillance camera app works only on iOS if all your devices are Apple.

But, if your devices include some that operates on Android and some on iOS, you might have a problem with such apps. Do not worry, though, there is a home surveillance camera app that works on both types of operating system.

User Interface of the Home Surveillance Camera App

Another thing that you should also check on a home surveillance camera app is the user interface. Well, not everyone is as tech-savvy as probably anyone that works in Silicon Valley.

Home automation is usually about the most recent technology. But, components of it should still require little technical knowledge to be operated.

So, look for a home surveillance camera app that has a good user interface. A good user interface is a sign that your smart home service provider cares for their users.

A good home surveillance camera app user interface is also ideal for easy navigation. A good app design means that you will get to know things around it more easily.

Notifications of the Home Surveillance Camera App

Notifications is a feature related to the user interface. This is also one of the features you should check on your smartphone security camera app.

Notifications of home surveillance camera app allows you to track your home’s status. So, it is important that the notification settings of the app works well on your phone.

A good home surveillance camera app will update you whether it is a small twitch or a big alarm. So, if anything goes wrong, you could take immediate action whatever the status is.

Notifications may be annoying sometimes. But, it is your home surveillance camera app doing its work.

Security of the Home Surveillance Camera App

The home surveillance camera app has all the information about your home. It carries data about the most intimate place for you. So, it is important to check if your smartphone security camera app is itself secured.

In fact, a malware attack on smart home technology already has acquired a name. Experts now call it the siegeware.

There are no known major siegeware attacks ever recorded yet. But, experts nowadays are already preparing for such attacks for future use. An early preparation means that we are well-prepared for them in the future.

The scarce record of such attacks could also only mean that our smart home security is strong.

But, other types of attack could still indirectly affect our smart home technology. This is through malware that attacks our devices such as the well-known ransomware. This malware steals information from devices. It will then ask for ransom from the user to have his or her own data back,

If we have a mobile app that has our smart home data, we should make sure that it is secure against mobile malware. Look for a home surveillance camera app that could block mobile cyber threats.

Positive Reviews of the Home Surveillance Camera App

You should also look for positive reviews about your home surveillance camera app. It will give you an idea of how the app works in practice.

Some providers can give you promises when marketing their product. But, they cannot guarantee the good performance of the app in actual use.

Reviews will give you an idea of how other users experience the home surveillance camera app. With reviews, you could find out about the weaknesses and strengths of the app. You could also save yourself from trouble by finding out if the app has so many issues.

Reading reviews will also integrate you with a whole community of smart home owners. You could find out tips from them, so you could find ways to improve your own home automation system.

Ezlo Mobile™ is a smart home app available on both Android and iOS devices. It will quickly turn your phone into a remote control of your whole smart home system. Avail this app now with our smart home solutions by reaching us at +1 (866) 966-2272. You may also send us your thoughts at [email protected].


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