Types of Home Surveillance Systems

There are two types of home surveillance systems. These types are indoor and outdoor. Each type protects one of the two major parts of a home. The difference between the two is subtle. But, these differences are important.

Types of Home Surveillance Systems

Outdoor home surveillance systems are more preventive when it comes to intruders. Because keeping intruders out before they enter your home is your first move of defense.

Indoor home security systems deter intruders that already entered your home. For this reason, indoor surveillance systems are more remedial.

Here is a detailed description of the parts that define the indoor and outdoor types:

Outdoor Home Surveillance Systems

Outdoor home surveillance systems are important for home security. They are important in keeping intruders out before they could even enter your home.

For this reason, smart homeowners should give close attention to strengthening outdoor security. Having a weak outdoor surveillance system means that your home is easy to break into. Homeowners should make sure that burglars will not have an easy time breaking into your home.

1. Cameras in Outdoor Home Surveillance Systems. Cameras in outdoor home security systems are essentially the same. They could capture motion and record events in high-quality footage. But, there is a key difference between an outdoor and an indoor camera.

Unlike indoor cameras, outdoor cameras are designed to withstand an outdoor environment. Outdoor cameras are usually weather-proof and could withstand rain and intense sunlight.

Indoor cameras could withstand such elements if installed with a proper cover. A patio is one such example of a cover. But, outdoor cameras could be installed anywhere without a cover. Outdoor cameras are the most essential devices in outdoor surveillance systems.

2. Motion Sensors in Outdoor Home Surveillance Systems. There are also motion cameras designed for outdoor surveillance systems. These outdoor motion cameras have features that distinguish them from their indoor counterparts.

Outdoor motion sensors can be adjusted so it will not detect usual outdoor movements. These usual outdoor movements include flying birds and falling leaves. If the motion sensor cannot be adjusted, it would alarm by these usual outdoor movements.

3. Smart Locks in Outdoor Home Surveillance Systems. Smart locks are also important in outdoor surveillance systems. Smart locks can help you monitor who comes in and out of your home.

Some models of smart locks allow the creation of multiple sets of passcodes. This will allow you to give unique passcode to each friend or loved one you want to let into your home.

Some smart locks also have a built-in camera that captures the face of anyone that enters a key.

Indoor Home Surveillance Systems

In case outdoor home surveillance systems fail, indoor security are homes last line. For this reason, it is also important that you give attention to your indoor security.

Devices used in indoor surveillance systems are like in the outdoor ones. Indoor devices only cut down the extra features needed in outdoor devices, such as weather-proof capabilities.

1. Cameras in Indoor Home Surveillance Systems. Any intruder that successfully breaks into your home can be hard to find. This is because your home has multiple rooms and hallways to hide. One of the tasks of indoor surveillance systems is to locate these intruders. Indoor cameras can help you locate intruders inside your home.

Besides, indoor cameras can help you monitor who comes in and out of your home. It could record any attempt of violating your property and report it to authorities.

2. Motion Sensors in Indoor Home Surveillance Systems. Motion sensors are also important devices for home surveillance systems. They could detect motion that cameras cannot see in blind spots. As it detects unrecognized motion, it could trigger sirens to break off and alert you.

Some motion sensors are also used to turn on smart light bulbs. A passing burglar could be frightened by the lights merely switching on.

3. Alarms in Indoor Home Surveillance Systems. Alarms are also important in indoor home surveillance systems. Alarms turn home surveillance systems into an active mechanism from the passive watchtower. Alarms will be the mechanism that will alert you of any intruder that breaks in.

Alarms could take the form of sirens that are loud enough to alert even your neighbors. But, some surveillance devices already have built-in alarm systems.

Building home surveillance systems require some knowledge about their parts and other details. Building home surveillance systems require some knowledge about their parts and other details. This is so it could be carefully planned as they are important in your home security.

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