Security Home Video Camera and Ordinary Camera Compared

We could just buy an ordinary video camera rather than a security home video camera, right? Well, there are key differences between these two types of cameras.

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They serve different purposes. One is built for capturing intimate and personal moments. One is made to help you protect your home from criminals.

For this reason, they have key differences in features that do well in certain instances. Security and footage resolution are some features differing between the two types.

By just looking at the design, the ordinary camera and the security home camera differ in many ways. But there are also other aspects that makes them different. In most cases the security home video camera could be far more superior than the ordinary camera.

So, let us compare the features of the two types of camera to see how the home video camera works well in security.

Security Features of Home Video Camera and Ordinary Camera

The ordinary video camera and the home video camera has a lot of differences. These differences are mostly within the security features. The home video camera is, of course, far more superior in security. That is because the it is built to do so.

The ordinary camera, though, is not built for security. Rather, it is built to capture intimate moments of your family or yourself. So, do not expect much from the ordinary camera when you want to use it for security.

The common video camera lacks the motion detecting feature. This feature is found in much more advanced models of home video camera.

Besides, the ordinary camera also lacks the face recognition feature. Much more advanced models of security cameras have this feature. This feature helps us detect faces and help us catch anyone with an unrecognized face caught on tape.

Resolution of Home Video Camera and Ordinary Camera

Security camera footage shown in television news channels often have a terrible resolution. The crime was caught on tape. But, the resolution is so bad it cannot even give a little detail of the criminal’s face.

Many of us now think that all security cameras produce footage of bad resolution. But, this is not always the case. Security cameras with lower resolution are just cheaper, that is why they are common.

But, there are security home video cameras out there that could match the resolution of a film camera.

The standard definition in ordinary cameras is 640 x 480. But, there are models of home video camera out there that have as high as 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution. That is over 1.3 million pixels!


Storage Capacity of Home Video Camera and Ordinary Camera

Now, the heavy burden of having a high definition security camera is storage. A picture with 1.3 million pixels could already be over 2 megabytes. But this is dependent on the color mode of the picture.

Home video camera footage is usually monochromatic. A monochromatic color mode occupies much less space in storage.

An ordinary video camera footage usually have higher resolution. This is because an ordinary camera is usually only used during special occasions. Whereas, a security home video camera is designed to produce footage 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

Because of continuous operation, the security home video camera has to downgrade resolution. This is so that we could save storage space. Storage for security camera footage are large, though. But, the storage has its limits.

Commonly, the home video camera has more than 60 gigabytes of storage. Whereas, a common digital video camera typically has an SD card with 32 gigabytes of storage.

Durability of Home Video Camera and Ordinary Camera

Both the security home video camera and the ordinary camera are durable. Both could stand the test of time when well-maintained. But, the home video camera has a lot more strength when it comes to facing the elements.

The ordinary camera is usually built for indoor purposes. It works best when dry. You can use it outside, but not when it is raining.

The home video camera could stand even a heavy rain, though. Weather-proof models are widely common and reliable nowadays. You do not have to worry about placing them in a dry place. So, such models could be easily turned into hidden home security cameras.

Control in Home Video Camera and Ordinary Camera

When you use an ordinary camera by hand, you will find that it is easy to be moved. You could point the lens upwards, downwards, and any way you want.

Ordinary video cameras are mobile. They are designed to do so because they are meant to be taken anywhere you make your precious moments.

But, it becomes a different story when you are no longer using your hand to move the home video camera. When you use it as a security camera, you will not be able to move it easily. You cannot point it anywhere you want without touching it.

But, the home video camera is built for movement controlled remotely. You can easily move it in any way the design permits using a remote control. So, blind spots are minimized.

Light Sensitivity in Home Video Camera and Ordinary Camera

As much as the ordinary camera could produce high definition videos, it does not work quite well at night. The ordinary camera seems to work well in times when there is enough light to capture and control.

You could observe this yourself with your phone camera. When you are taking a selfie in a well-lit place, the picture’s resolution is good. But, when you take another selfie in a dark place, you will notice that the picture becomes grainy.

The ordinary camera has a similar case when videos are taken in dark places. The details become unclear and the faces become featureless.

The home video camera, though, works better than the ordinary camera at night. Security home video cameras with night vision are pretty common and affordable nowadays. The color mode becomes monochromatic in the night footage of these cameras. But, the details of it are clear.

So, if you want hidden home security cameras in dark places, look for the ones with night vision features.

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