Outdoor Places to Install a Home Camera

Gone are the days when a simple fencing could ward away the burglars. Today, burglary accounts for 18.2% of the 7.7 million total reported property crimes in the United States. As crime stepped up, so should our strategies in home security and the home camera.

Outdoor Security Camera

Installing a home camera is important in home security. Homeowners should know the blind spots and the likely entry points around their home. This job will take time and effort. But, it will surely pay you back with a stronger home security.

So, read on to see some of the outdoor spots to install your home camera.

A Home Camera by the Front Door

Unbelievable as it may sound, 34% of break ins related to burglary started from the front door. Yes, burglars do not hesitate in using your front door. They could just walk right in or kick it open.

The front door is the closest door to the street. So, it is important to strengthen this entry-point to avoid any breaches to your security. Thus, there is no other first place to install a home camera but near the front door.

The mere presence of a home camera by your front door is a clear enough warning for burglars. A home camera is usually the clearest sign that a home has a security system. Anyone who will see it will not dare to break in.

So, in installing your best outdoor security camera system, make sure to put a home camera by the front door.

A Home Camera by the Back Door

Since your back door is your secondary entry point, there should also be a home camera installed near it.

Not all burglars are downright confident enough to enter the front door. Some burglars like it more sneaky, so they chose to enter your home through the back door. Well, it is safer and would less likely catch attention. Around 22% of burglars enter your home using a back door.

The first thing in securing your back door is, of course, to lock it. But you could add more strength to its security by installing a home camera near it.

The principles of security for your back door are almost the same as those of the front door. The mere presence of a camera by your back door will discourage any burglar to break in your home.

A Home Camera by the Off-Street Windows

Windows that face the street are most likely avoided by burglars. These windows are more visible to any passerby. Thus, breaking in a house using these windows are usually avoided by burglars.

What you need to secure are off-street windows. These windows are usually hidden from a passerby’s plain sight. So, burglars love breaking in these entry points.

Breaking the glass of a window facing the street would attract attention. But, breaking the glass of off-street windows would most likely not. So, make sure to install a home camera near these points to add extra strength to their security.

In building your best home security camera system, make sure to expect the worst. A single mistake could mean lost of property we worked hard for.

A Home Camera by the Driveway

Some homeowners who frequently use the garage as a primary entry point to their home. Many have a bad habit of leaving their garage door open, though. They even leave the door leading to the garage open.

Leaving these garage doors open are risks to your home’s security. Leaving them open does not only make them available entry points. You are also allowing burglars to see your tools that they could use in breaking into your home.

Garage doors are often overlooked by owners in security. Well, burglars don’t usually break in through this door, but they still do. In fact 10% of them use the garage as entrance to your house.

So, secure your garage by installing a home camera around it. With a garage home camera, you are not just protecting your home from burglars. You will also be protecting your vehicle as well.

A Home Camera by the Backyard

Like what has been said before, back doors are a favorite spot for burglars to enter into your house. You have secured your back door with a home camera. Now, you should also install a home camera that watches over your backyard.

Some burglars start with backyards as starting at house front would catch attention. Besides, your backyard could also be teeming with expensive gardening equipment. There are a lot of things people leave in the backyard. So, putting the best outdoor security camera system into your backyard would secure it.

You cannot watch over your property all the time. Thankfully, though, home automation is there to give you a hand. The home camera will watch over your stuff on your behalf.

Do you need a hand in securing your property? Home automation is willing to give it to you. You can reach us at +1 (866) 966-2272 to help you with home automation. Or send us your ideas or questions at info@getvera.com.


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