Indoor Places to Install a Simple Home Security Camera

Even when we want to feel secure, we do not want to feel being watched. So, some of us might look for smart devices with simple designs to minimize its dystopian look. To avoid getting that feeling of being watch all the time, we often look for a simple home security camera to go with us.

Simple Home Security Camera

A simple home security camera has a minimalist look in its design. In the outside, it would look simple. But, in the inside, it has a sophisticated system. This system is even complex enough to detect movements when it has a motion sensor feature.

The design of a simple security camera seems fitting to the interior part of our homes, where we most commonly stay. Yet, it still need to be constantly watched because we often hide valuables in them. This is where burglars look for valuables in times of their breaches.

Here are some of the most important parts of our home that need a simple security camera:

Simple Home Security Camera by the Living Room

The living room is one of the most intimate parts in out home. Yet, they need to be accompanied by a simple home security camera. This is because this area is also teeming with important and expensive things.

Your smart television might be big enough to attract attention when brought outside. But, burglars will not be afraid to take it with them.

In addition, car keys and personal documents are also often placed in the living room. Some of us even have the habit of leaving laptops and phones in the living room.

The living room is also often the closest room from the front door. Thus, it has less protection when the front door is breached.

But, in smart homes, the living room is often the most secure. Most of the home automation devices are installed here. Even a simple home security camera is usually first installed here.

Simple Home Security Camera by the Kitchen

Your kitchen could be teeming with expensive cooking appliances too! Your cooking items, such as frying pans and teapots, will also not be spared. Although, they are not as valuable as jewelry, the burglar could still make a small profit out of them.

Burglars are the only threats that could sack our kitchen. Fires could take our property too. A large part of the total heat produced by a household is from the kitchen. So, it is also usually the starting point of residential fires.

US Fire Administration reports that there are 188,000 cooking fires every year from 2014 to 2016. A smoke detector is a good smart device to prevent our kitchens from catching fire. This and a simple home security camera are both effective smart devices to protect our homes.

Simple Home Security Camera by the Hallway

Bedrooms are too intimate to be installed with a simple home security camera. Yet, we have a bunch of valuable items hidden in them. We could have jewelries in bedroom drawers or expensive clothing in closets.

Important documents and expensive gadgets are also usually hidden in the bedroom. Most people also place their safes inside the bedroom.

So, how can we secure the bedroom if it is too intimate to be the location of a simple security camera?

You could always put the camera by the hallway that leads to bedrooms instead. Burglars that enter or exits the bedroom from and to interior of the house will be caught by the hallway camera.

Home security cameras by the hallway watches over the bedroom without sacrificing privacy.

Simple Home Security Camera by the Study

If you have a study or mini office on your home, it is also the best place to put a simple home security camera.

It is most likely that you leave important documents and expensive gadgets in this place. You might be leaving your laptop or phones here. So, secure it with a simple security camera.

You may also be one of those people who like to hide valuable documents or cash between bookshelves. Burglars are not afraid to ransack these places.

So, the study or mini office is always the best place to put home security cameras.

Simple Home Security Camera by the Garage

Another good place to install a simple home security camera in the garage.

The garage is teeming with expensive building and mechanic tools. It is also the place where you park your car or other vehicles.

Your garage also has one of the main entry points to your home. So it is also the best place to put a simple home security camera.

Are you planning to have your very own system of home security cameras? Here at Ezlo Innovation, we have resident experts that are willing to share their knowledge to you. So, get in touch with us at +1 (866) 966-2272. Or send us your thoughts at [email protected].


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