Features in the Wifi Home Security Surveillance Camera

A wifi home security camera is a valuable feature of your home automation security. Security cameras are the first hint that your home has a security system. Burglars usually avoid homes equipped with cameras.

Wifi Home Security Camera

So, investing time in looking for the best security camera will surely pay you off. It will not only give you a sense of security within your home. It will also allow you to track everything that happens within it.

In line with this, here are some features you should carefully consider in choosing a wifi camera:

Resolution of the Wifi Home Security Camera

A common resolution for a CCTV camera is 704 x 480 pixels. Such a resolution might have a hard time catching details from a burglar’s face. The camera will merely record the crime, but will do little in identifying the criminal.

Such a resolution is like the quality of the pictures being flashed in analog TVs.

But a wifi home security camera could reach as high as 1280 x 720 pixels nowadays. In fact, this pixel resolution is already considered high definition or HD. Such a quality is enough to catch even the little details of a criminal’s identifying marks.

So, if you want a security camera that really works, look for a high definition home security wifi camera.

Storage of the Wifi Home Security Camera

You should also look for a home security wifi camera with high storage capacity. Of course, you do not want a camera that could barely record a single day.

Well, an old model of digital video recorder would have 25 gigabytes a day of high definition videos. Newer versions would have 12 gigabytes a day with a 2 megapixel camera. How would you maintain that?

But, if you are using a home security wifi camera, you use cloud storage instead. You will simply connect your wifi home security camera to the internet. And, now, you could save footage right into the cloud.

This cuts down the need for storage hardware such as an SD card. But, there are a lot of other ways to save yourself from maintaining enough space for the footage.

You can also look for a wifi security camera that has a motion sensor. Such models only start recording when they detect movement.

Installation of the Wifi Security Camera

Every type of place in your home has the right model of camera to look over it. A wifi home security camera can come in a different shape depending on what spot it is intended to be installed in.

There is a home security wifi camera designed to be mounted on flat surfaces such as tables. There is also a wifi home security camera designed to be mounted on the wall. There is also an outdoor home security camera designed for your home’s vicinity.

So, in finding a home security wifi camera, consider the place first. This is so that you could find the proper camera for such a spot.

Power Source of the Wifi Home Security Camera

You should also consider the power source of your wifi home security camera. Are you going for the wireless or the wired?

Home security Wifi camera models are still battery-powered. These models cut down the need for cord. This also makes it flexible and could be placed practically anywhere. Thus, this model is ideal as an outdoor home security camera.

The downside of these models, though, is you need to regularly change or charge batteries.

Camera models that still use cord are usually not yet wifi-ready, though. But they are practical because you don’t have to bother about batteries anymore.

Compatibility of the Wifi Home Security Camera

Another thing you should also consider in looking for a camera is compatibility. Make sure that the wifi home security camera is compatible with your smart home system.

For example, most of your home automation devices works with Z-Wave. Then, you might have a hard time fitting a non-Z-Wave wifi home security camera to the system.

You should also check if the wifi home security camera is compatible with your ecosystem. If you use Amazon Alexa, you might want to look for models that are fit to it.

Light Sensitivity of the Wifi Home Security Camera

Another important thing you should consider is the light sensitivity. How well will your wifi home security camera record something during the night? Or how well will it record things inside an unlit room?

wifi home security camera is ideal for an outdoor setting, especially during the night. Burglary is a known crime that usually takes place during night. According to Alarms.org, there are over 1.3 million burglaries that happen during the night.

But, if you’re installing a camera in well-lit places, a weakly light sensitive camera will do.

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