Smart Home Controller

Hubitat Elevation

The Top 3 Smart Home Controller Devices to Consider Your Smart Home is controlled by a smart home controller, also known as a hub, gateway, or bridge. The system allows you to perform tasks such as turning on lights based on motion detection or raising the heating temperature before your family arrives home.  The Controller connects […]

Best Wireless Security Camera System

Amcrest 4MP ProHD

Safeguard Your Home with the Best Wireless Security Systems When you go to bed for the night or secure your house for a vacation, you want to feel safe with your things. Having the best wireless security camera system that employs a combination of motion detectors, cameras, and door sensors to inform you when there has been […]

Best Wireless Security Camera

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

3 of the Best Wireless Security Cameras When you’re away from home, the best wireless security camera will let you know everything is well, whether you want to ensure your home is secure or see how the cat is doing.  The security cameras will also detect motion in your home and capture intruder footage, with more advanced […]

Best Security Camera System

Best Camera Security Systems in 2022

The Best Security Camera Systems in 2022 2022 has recorded a rapid increase in home break-ins. A burglary happens once every 30 seconds in the U.S. This statistic is terrifying for many homeowners and emphasizes the need for home security systems. Home break-ins result in an average loss of almost $3000. This figure is alarming, […]

Best Home Security Camera System

Best Home Security Camera System

How to Find the Best Home Security Camera System Did you know that up to 66% of burglars are people you know? This statistic shows that most home break-ins are repeated and perpetuated by familiar faces. These home invaders have been in your house several times and probably know where all your valuables are.  Only […]

Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless Home Security Systems

The Advantages of Wireless Home Security Systems A home security system strives to protect your family and property from intruders using several options, from the traditional hardwired systems to the more modern wireless home security systems. This article reviews and explores some of the benefits of the latest wireless home security systems. Wireless home security […]

Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Installation

Key Considerations of Security Camera Installation If you are considering security camera installation for the first time, you may be wondering whether it’s worth the investment and where to start. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are many reasons to install security cameras at your home or business. Security cameras are beneficial […]

Hidden Security Cameras

SIRGAWAIN Hidden Outdoor Camera

Why You Need to Invest in Hidden Security Cameras The hidden security camera may be the best option when you need discreet or undetected surveillance. As the name implies, the cameras are frequently disguised inside commonplace items, making them difficult or impossible to detect. Most of these hidden security cameras have rechargeable batteries and built-in SD card […]

Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Eufy eufyCam 2 Pro

3 Best Outdoor Security Cameras and The Ideal Places to Install Them For your house or company, what is the ideal outdoor security camera? This article will guide you through 3 top systems and explain their various features to help you choose the best outdoor security cameras that suit your budget. Installing smart cameras is very important, […]

Wireless Home Security Cameras

Wireless Home Security Cameras

Key Features of Best Wireless Home Security Cameras Wireless home security cameras use wireless technology to connect to your phone, PC, or tablet, and you can monitor your home’s security from a remote location. Typically, you’ll find them in places like the front door, back door, and garage. Many of these cameras also have features […]