Chamberlain Garage Door Opener : Whisper Drive Plus

If you are a homeowner looking for a modern garage door opener that is safe and secure, you can consider the Chamberlain Whisper Drive Plus system. With a modern design, this garage automation system is ultra quiet and allows you to effortlessly open and close your garage doors, while using minimal electricity and offering a range of security features.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener : Whisper Drive Plus is not a smart device. Make your Garage Door smarter and get an alert whenever you leave your garage door open by adding a connected door sensor. Also get a Smart Home Hub, to enable full home automation, cameras, and more.

Chamberlain Whisper Drive Plus

Knowing that your garage opening is secure will allow you to have additional protection for your home. You’ll get a reliable security system that uses smart technology to protect your garage entrances and it can also be linked with various other home security systems.

Having a secure entrance to your garage is essential for any home, as it eliminates any unwanted people and intruders to your home.  The Chamberlain garage door opener offers you the ability to get a sophisticated system that will not only add security features to your home but also allow you to conveniently open and close your garage door in a safe and effective way. With the very popular Chamberlain Whisper Drive Plus you can secure your home and also add a little convenience when opening and closing your garage.

Features of the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Whisper Drive Plus

The Chamberlain Whisper Drive Plus has a safety beam that picks up any obstructions when the garage door is closing. If there’s anything in the way, the garage door will immediately stop and reverse, thereby eliminating any possible damage to people and property. The system has a quick install rail feature that has a fast and easy installation and can be assembled in less than 60 seconds.

This popular Chamberlain Whisper Drive system comes complete with two remote controls, a wireless keypad, a motion detecting control panel, safety sensors, and 200 watts of light for additional safety.

Modern technology allows you to use your smartphone to control and monitor your garage door opener, while having a timer that can automatically close your garage door after a certain amount of time. This is ideal if you don’t want to forget to close your garage door, thereby also improving security. A great feature of the Chamberlain Whisper Drive Plus  is that it is ultra-compact and strong. It has a steel reinforced belt drive with a motor that reduces vibration and noise.

In addition to the above, the remote control will generate a brand-new code every time the button is pressed, thereby eliminating the possibility of any code hackers gaining access to your property by hacking your remote control code. There is also a manual release handle in the event of a power failure.

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