Advantages of Having a Wifi Deadbolt

Putting a deadbolt to your home door is an idea not new to a lot of us. It provides extra security to your door and the mere look of it makes anyone with an ill-intention to back out and back off from your house. A Smart deadbolt is not something new either as smart locks for doors have been around for years now. But, the wifi deadbolt is a phrase that is new to our ears yet made up of words that are already familiar to us.

Smart Door Lock Advantages for Smart Home

Adding a wifi feature to an already smart deadbolt is a simple move. Yet, it creates a lot of advantages for smart homeowners. It is a step up to the ordinary smart locks for doors. Here are some of the advantages that the wifi deadbolt can contribute to your home automation system:

The Wifi Deadbolt Provides Easy Monitoring

Because of its wireless feature, the wifi deadbolt can give instant delivery of information. Besides, the protocol is no ordinary protocol as the wireless technology that has been utilized in the deadbolt is wifi. Thus, the wifi deadbolt is Internet-ready and can deliver information to homeowners anytime and anywhere they want as long as they have the necessary device and internet connection.

This could be helpful for people who spend a lot of time in places outside their homes. These people could be office-goers and frequent travelers. These people who do such activities more often could still do what they love without worrying about their home. This is possible as the wifi deadbolt could update homeowners about their status using a smartphone app and other related platforms.

The Wifi Deadbolt Is Keyless

A wifi deadbolt can be keyless or keyed depending on the model. Some models have already cut down the need for keys completely, while other models still retain a keyhole. But, both types of wifi deadbolt models can be opened without a key. These devices usually come with a smartphone application that can be used to lock and unlock the deadbolt. Some models have keypads and all you need to do is type the passcode to lock or unlock.

This keyless feature is one of the selling points of the wifi deadbolt and this can be helpful especially with homeowners that usually forget or lose their keys. Losing or forgetting keys can cost you a lot by frequenting the locksmith. But, the wifi deadbolt cuts down the need for the key. All you had to do is bring your smartphone or memorize the passcode and you will never get locked out or locked in again.

The Wifi Deadbolt Is Easy to Install

Smart devices can intimidate people. They have the adjective “smart” after all. The name itself gives the impression that it is something hi-tech and hard to operate. But, users would be surprised to find out that the wifi deadbolt is a smart device that is easy to operate as it is designed to be user-friendly.

Just like how you install a mechanical deadbolt, wifi deadbolt models are easy to install and easy to set up. Using it would feel like using an ordinary deadbolt, but with modern amenities such as keyless access and remote control. Some models even make use of your existing mechanical deadbolt. These models would only require you to attach a device to your mechanical deadbolt. It makes use of your old deadbolt’s mechanism, but ads remote control and other smart features to integrate it into the smart home system.

The Wifi Deadbolt Is Energy-Efficient

Some people may think that the wifi deadbolt would take up a lot of shares on their energy bill since it is a smart device. It is true that the wifi deadbolt is a smart device and uses energy to operate, but its source of energy does not come from your house’s plugin. Some models might have such a setup, but most wifi deadbolt models nowadays use a few batteries as their source of energy and they are doing a good job of using that limited energy source efficiently.

Some models of the deadbolt may require a few AA batteries that would take a year or two to get used up. So, you have a year or two of getting rid of all your worries about changing batteries. You would probably forget about the batteries by then.

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