Security Measures to Do in Using an Auto Lock Door Knob

By just replacing your mechanical door knob with an auto lock door knob is already a step up to your home security. But aside from this, certain security measures should be added to maximize your home security.

Auto Lock Door Knob for Security Measurement

These security measures may be simple and subtle. But, it makes a big difference once imagined situations come to real life. These imagined situations should not be perceived as paranoia. This is because these imagine situations could happen.

Imagining about all possible scenarios is a healthy way of thinking. This has always been a part of building strong home security.

Burglary is still a serious problem in society. 2.5 million burglaries happen every year in the United States. This means that there is a burglary breaking out elsewhere every 13 seconds.

Avoid Writing Down Auto Lock Door Knob Passcode

You might be already have to memorize multiple sets of passcodes you use in everyday life. It could be passcode for social media accounts or emails or even for your smartphone. Memorizing passcodes had now been a part of daily life nowadays.

Installing an auto lock door knob also mean that you need to memorize another passcode. With all the sets of passcodes we had to memorize, it is natural to write them down in case you forgot them.

But writing down your auto lock door knob passcode could pose a serious issue in your home security. Recording your passcode in any way means that someone could have a hold of it and use it. Whereas, when you only memorize your passcode, no one can access your mind.

For example, if you write your auto lock door knob passcode on a piece of paper, the paper could be stolen. When you record it on your email or any digital platform, hacking could take hold of it.

Instead of writing down your passcode, it is more advisable to write down cues. These cues are indirect words or images that could make you remember your passcode. Only you know the context of that cue. When a piece of paper with a cue written on it gets stolen, the thief will not get anything from it.

Avoid Using Personal-related Digits for Auto Lock Door Knob

Writing your auto lock door knob passcode down means security issues. This is because other people could obtain the physical record. Since this is the case, making the passcode easier to be memorized is another option.

Some people use birth dates, address, and zip codes for auto lock door knob passcodes. In this way, the passcode is easy to memorize and something you will never forget.

But, you are not the only one who could memorize them more easily. People with ill-intentions could memorize them easily just as well as you. This is a common way of making passcodes and people with ill-intentions are aware of it. Thus, making personal-related digits as passcodes is a bad idea as well.

Regularly Reset Auto Lock Door Knob

Auto lock door knob models usually allow the creation of different sets of passcodes. This is so that you could give people you trust their spare key to your home.

As time goes by, you might have given passcodes to a dozen people. Letting more people access your home could pose serious issues in your home security.

So, it is also important that you reset your auto lock door knob once in a while. This will allow you to change passcodes for better security.

Regularly Change Passcode of Auto Lock Door Knob

Regularly resetting auto lock door knob passcode is another important security measure. Passcodes lose their original strength in security as time goes by.

Using the same passcode will leave fade marks on your auto lock door knob keypad. And this will make it easier for burglars to guess your passcode. To avoid this, you should regularly change passcode at least twice a year for better security. Changing your keyless door lock passcode regularly will keep those burglars guessing about it.

Only Give Passcodes of Auto Lock Door Knob to Trusted People

Homeowners should be reminded about only giving the keyless door lock passcode to trusted people. Only give trusted friends and loved ones access to your home. Such people are usually the ones who care about you. This kind of people will not take the given access to your home for granted.

Installing an auto lock door knob is already a step up in your home security. But, certain security measures should still be followed to make that security step up effective.

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