Like energy-efficiency, security is also one of the grave concerns of home automation. One of the main focuses of smart home movement is turning your home into a dynamic system. It aims to maximize security for your home. And, at the vanguard of your home security is the automatic lock.

Automatic Lock

What is an automatic lock exactly?

An automatic lock is an electronic door lock that allows you to lock and unlock doors without a key. It is usually not just a single device, but a kit. That kit contains many more devices. One of the devices in the kit is the actual lock. This is the one that you will install on your door. Kits also contain controllers. Some are even more extensive with motion sensors and camera.

Just like automatic locks in cars, automatic locks in homes can be operated with a remote. You will only need to click a single button that could lock or unlock your door.

Some models of automatic locks are even smarter. Some can track who is coming in and out of the house. There are also automatic lock models that even allow your friends or love ones to register in the automatic lock system. Once registered, they can now enter your house even without asking for permission. It is like giving them a duplicate of your house key. The system can also tell you who entered the house when you’re not around.

How the Automatic Lock Connects to Smart Devices

The automatic lock is one of the most recognizable devices in home automation. A smart home without a automatic locking door knob seems incomplete.

Devices in a smart home complement one another. And like these devices, an automatic lock helps other devices work.

For example, an image from a security camera is too dim. The records in the automatic lock could help in identifying someone caught on tape.

The self-locking door lock could also work well with motion sensors. These motion sensors could detect any unrecognized movement. It could then send signals to the automatic lock to lock the burglar in or out.

How can you spot a good automatic lock? Find yourself a model that works even when paired with devices from different brands. You will not be having a hard time finding one though. There are a lot of automatic lock models that are compatible with all known brands.

How to Control the Automatic Lock

Since an automatic lock is a smart device, it will be easy for you to control it. It is a self-locking door lock anyway.

As what have been said before, some automatic locks comes with a remote. The remote works like how a car fob works. You only have to click a button to lock or unlock the automatic locking door knob.

Many automatic locks today could be easily integrated to virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa. You could integrate the automatic lock to a virtual assistant. Once integrated, you can now control it using your voice.

Smart phones could also be used to control the automatic lock. Some automatic locks comes with an application. These applications are usually free for download. With the application, you can now control your automatic lock with your phone.

Keypad locks are also a prevalent model for locks. With this model, the automatic locking door knob locks and unlocks by typing in a code. This code is set by none other than you, the owner.

You don’t have to worry too much about learning how to use an automatic lock. Just contact your kit provider and they will teach you how to control it.

How the Automatic Lock Prevents Crime

Burglary is one of the mortal enemies of home automation. The automatic lock is the front in keeping the burglars away from your property.

A recent study found out that 30% burglars enter a house through an unlocked door or window. That is a huge number. Just consider that there are millions of burglaries happening everyday according to FBI.

Imagine you forgot to lock doors and remember it just when you’re many blocks away from home already. You do not have much time to go back and secure the lock. Let us say, you’re late for work. Scenarios such as that are what an automatic lock could prevent from happening.

Imagine if that happens and you happen to have installed an automatic lock. No worries. You just have to tap a few buttons and your doors are locked in no time.

We are already aware that hiding keys under doormats or flower pots are a bad idea. That is because burglars know that you hide keys in these areas.

But, people still leave keys in these spots. Their reason is that they still want to let friends or love ones in their home even when they are out of town. Doing so will put your property at risk of burglary.

But, with an automatic lock, you could give anyone you trust their own digital key. With it, they could still enter your home even when you’re away.

So, the best way to prevent burglary or any unauthorized breach is investing in an automatic lock.

Do you want to protect your property from the elements? Here at Vera Control, we could help you install your very own automatic lock system. We could also give you tips on home automation security. If you want to learn more about home automation, give us a call at +1 (866) 966-2272. You can also send us a word at

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