Ways You Could Control an Automatic Security Door Lock

The automatic security door lock is a little feature of home automation with a big role. It steps up your home security and removes the possibility of burglaries since 30% of these crimes start due to a door or window we forgot to lock.

Automatic Security Door Lock

The keyless door lock does more than keeping the burglars away and locking the doors when we forgot to do so. A keyless door lock also adds convenience to our lives.

When you’re walking to your door for the grocery, you don’t have to put the groceries down to get the key. With the automatic security door lock, you could even unlock your door with just your voice.

Voice command is just one, but there are also a lot of fun ways you could control your automatic security door locks.

Control an Automatic Security Door Locks With Smart Phones

One of the most common ways to control your automatic security door lock is with the smartphone. Downloadable apps usually come with the product when you buy a keyless door lock.

Installing a smart lock in your home can turn your phone into an automatic door lock key. Just download the app that comes with the keyless door lock. You can now lock and unlock your home with just your smartphone.

Smartphones are all-in-one gadgets that play different roles in modern life. Aside from being a messaging device, it is also a calculator, a camera, a calendar, and lots of things. And, now, they are keys to our home as well.

With the app and the automatic security door lock, you no longer need a physical key. You don’t have to worry about being locked out anymore when you forgot your key. All you had to do is bring your phone at all times. Who does not bring their phone at all times anyway?

Another advantage of apps for a keyless door lock is you could control your door anywhere. As long as you are connected to the internet, you could lock and unlock your door with the app. This is a must have automatic door lock system for homes for travelers and people who are out of the house often.

Control an Automatic Security Door Lock With Keypad

Another best way to gain keyless entry to your home is the keypad. The keypad is also a common feature in models of automatic security door locks. Before the smartphone apps, keypads are one of the most popular ways for keyless entry.

The keypad in an automatic security door lock works like our social media accounts. You need to make a password to your secure your social media account. In this manner, you need to create a code to secure your home.

Just like how you need to type your password to access your account, you need to type in your code to enter your home.

One of the primary advantages of the keypad system is it eliminates the need for physical keys.

To give friends or loved ones access to your home, you don’t have to duplicate any physical keys with this system. All you had to do is tell them the passcode.

Some models of keypad automatic security door lock allow for multiple passcodes. So, you could create a separate code as a kind of duplicate key for your friend or loved one. This also allows you to track anyone who enters your home while you are away.

Control an Automatic Security Door Lock With Remote

Wireless unlocking are common features in cars using a fob. All you had to do to unlock your car is to press a button on the fob. The same principle could also be found in models of the automatic security door lock.

Latest technology allowed us to use our phones to unlock an automatic security door lock. This happens when we download an app. The app usually comes with the product when we bought an automatic door lock system for the home.

But, before apps became a thing, actual remotes are also used to unlock smart locks in a wireless fashion. These remotes could make use of the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any wireless enabler.

Control an Automatic Security Door Lock With Voice Command

Remember the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, where they shout “Open Sesame” to gain access to a cave? Well, you could have your own door that opens when you say “Open Sesame” with an automatic security door lock.

Some models of automatic door lock system for home allow voice recognition. Some voice recognition features are already built in. Other voice recognition features needed to be integrated to a virtual assistant first. Virtual assistants usually allow voice command like in the Amazon Alexa.

Other ways to make your automatic security door lock voice enabling is to integrate it to your phone. You could use your phone’s voice command or virtual assistant like Siri to control the smart lock. Some models allow for this such as the Kwikset Premis.

So, these are just some of the ways you could make your automatic security door locks convenient. And it is not just convenient, it is also fun to use.

Imagine when you could enter your house without putting down the groceries. You just have to say something like “Open Sesame” to unlock the door. How cool is that?

Do you want to embrace the keyless life too? Vera Control could help you set up your own automatic security door lock system. Get in touch with us at +1 (866) 966-2272. You could also send us your thoughts at info@getvera.com.

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