Control Options for the Best Front Door Locks

It is quite tricky to decide which are the best front door locks for home security. This is because the door locks have different security features and functionalities.

Best Front Door Locks Control Options

These features have their own advantages. And, some homeowners may prefer one from another. So, each person has their own view of what are smart door locks.

Some homeowners may prefer a wireless system of locking and unlocking. Some may prefer a non-wireless way of control.

There are even a lot of options for wireless control in smart door locks. Some best front door locks are controlled with Bluetooth or wifi. Some models are torn between Z-Wave and ZigBee. It is now up to the homeowner which wireless protocol he or she will use at home.

Home automation is also about customization and personalization. So, what is the best one really depends on a home owner’s tastes. For instance, the way you adjust the thermostat is based on your personal preference. And, the same goes with how you put up your security.

Here are some of the control options you could employ with your smart home door lock:

Remote Control in the Smart Door Locks

Even if you are new to home automation, you may have already taken a glimpse of what it looks like. For instance, when you are watching television, you are switching channels using remote.

Television sets are not the only appliances employed with a remote control. Other home appliances such as game consoles and DVD players also come with a sort of remote. This, in itself, is a sort of home automation, or at least a representation of it.

In home automation, smart devices can also be controlled with a remote control. Some models of smart door locks can also be locked and unlocked with remote control.

Passcode Control in the Best Front Door Locks

For some people, locks with keypad are their idea of the best front door locks. Locks with keypad have an incredible security.

The pass code works as a key. The pass code, however, cannot be stolen, lost, and forgotten. That is why locks with keypad are ideal for people who frequently visit the locksmith.

In addition, you no longer need a locksmith to make spare keys for locks with keypad. Keypad locks usually allow people to create multiple pass codes.

So, all you had to do is create another pass code to create a sort of spare key. Different pass codes for each individual will allow you to monitor who enters your home. For this reason, some people consider the keypad locks as smart door locks.

Fingerprint Control in the Best Front Door Locks

The best front door locks can also be fingerprint-controlled for some people. The security of this type of lock control is also outstanding.

Fingerprints are unique and only you have the pattern that your finger have. For this reason, biometric fingerprint door lock has one of the most robust securities.

So, anyone that wants to hack into your fingerprint door lock would take great pains. Locks that have this kind of control can also be considered smart door locks.

Voice Control in the Best Front Door Locks

For some smart home enthusiasts, locks with voice recognition are the real deal. That is why they consider these models as the best door locks for home security.

Models that have voice recognition are rarer, though. Some models do not have a voice recognition. But, they allow integration to virtual assistants. Some of the well-known virtual assistants are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This, then, will allow voice command locking and unlocking.

Smartphone Control in the Best Front Door Locks

For probably a lot of people, the best front door locks are controlled by a smartphone. Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life nowadays. So, some smart home owners prefer control using their smartphones.

A lot of smart devices, including smart locks, nowadays comes with an application. You can download the application and start controlling smart devices using your phone.

In this way,the smartphone transforms into a sort of remote control. Control is possible using the Internet. So, you could lock and unlock your door anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.

No matter how you like your best smart door locks done done, security still plays a huge role in choosing the model. Here, at Ezlo Innovation, security is one of our expertises. If you want to know more about home automation, call us at +1 (866) 966-2272. You may also email us at [email protected].

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