Best Home Door Locks Types

The best home door locks come in different sizes and shapes. It is up to the home owner’s taste which door locks he or she will choose. This allows homeowners to customize their smart home based on their preferences.

Type of Home Door Locks for Homes

There are three major concerns in choosing the best home door locks for home owners. These concerns are security, energy-efficiency, and aesthetics.

A lot of homeowners prefer to focus on security because it is essentially the purpose of the lock. Smart door locks are there to step up home security and fill in what the mechanical locks cannot fill. The most secure door locks are best for your home security.

Another concern is energy-efficiency. For some, smart home door locks are energy efficient. They want locks that can use a set of batteries for months and years. So, they would not have to worry about changing the batteries every now and then.

For some though, the smart home door locks are also aesthetically pleasing. These homeowners want smart devices that could blend in the style of their home. Some smart devices may destroy the view of a home however small it is.

For you to be aware of your own taste in smart devices, see these best home door locks types:

Type of Door Locks #1 — Lever Locks

Lever locks are fashionable types of locks. Their design could range from the minimalist type to old-fashioned Victorian type.

A lot of smart lever locks nowadays maintain slick minimalist style in design. This allows it to blend in to the style of most modern homes today. A minimalist style allows it to leave the overall design of a door virtually untouched.

Smart lever locks are also easy to install because of their plane shape. They are usually flat and could easily be mounted on the flat surface of a door. So, lever locks could be the best home door locks for those who do not want to spend so much time in installation.

Type of Door Locks #2 — Door Knobs

Smart door knobs are a step up to your ordinary mechanical doorknob. Smart door knobs still look like the good old mechanical doorknob. But, smart doorknobs have a touch keypad that adds extra strength to its security.

Smart door knobs gives homeowners a homey feel to their door as it reminds of the old days. It gives them both the homey feel and extra strength to security. Thus, smart door knobs can be the best smart locks for people who are looking for that homey feeling.

Smart door knobs can be also the best home door locks for those who do not want to spend too much time installing. Smart doorknobs could simply replace the mechanical doorknob from its hole. This means that no extra drilling is needed.

Like most smart locks, smart doorknobs have automatic locking system. It would also alarm after a few failed attempts to enter passcode. This means it has stronger security then the ordinary doorknob.

Type of Door Locks #3 — Deadbolt

Another smart lock that can suit a minimalist taste is the smart deadbolt. A smart deadbolt is essentially a deadbolt with a much stronger security.

Smart deadbolts still look like that flat round shape attached to the door. It maintains a minimalist look, so it will have little effect on the style of your door. For this reason, smart deadbolts could be the best home door locks for some homeowners.

Smart deadbolts could come in different models. Some models are only needed to be touched to be unlocked. This is possible provided that you unlock it first using a smartphone app.

Some devices does not replace your existing mechanical deadbolt. All you had to do is attach it. Then you can unlock or lock your deadbolt automatically using an app.

Type of Door Locks #4 — Padlocks

Smart padlocks are a step up to your ordinary mechanical padlocks. It cuts down the need for a key so you would not have to worry about losing keys anymore.

The key is replaced by wireless control. Some models use Bluetooth, while some use wifi. All you had to do to unlock or lock is to open your smartphone and use the application. Smart padlocks could be the best home door locks for people who want extra security on their latches.

Home automation does not only offer more robust home security. It also allows homeowners to suit their tastes. That is why different variations of most secure door locks exist.

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