Entry Points to Install the Best Home Locks

People buy smart locks to improve their home security as they fill in the security gaps that mechanical locks cannot. But, simply buying a unit of a smart lock is not enough. Homeowners should also know the entry points to install the best home locks.

Best Home Locks

Knowing that entry points to install the best locks will improve home security tactics. A house has a lot of entry points. But, there are entry points that should be prioritized. This is because these entry points are the most vulnerable and commonly used by burglars.

For this reason, it is in these places where one should install smart locks. This way, the homeowners could maximize his or her home automation system.

Here are the entry points to install the best home locks for better security:

Best Home Locks on the Front Door

Front doors are still one of the best entry points to install the best home locks. Burglars are not even afraid to use the front door to enter your home. This is true especially if you are not at home.

According to Safewise, 34% of burglars have the nerve to enter through the front door. So, your home’s front door is still one of the most vulnerable entry points. This makes your front door one of the best places to install the smart home locks.

Installing smart locks on your front door will also serve as a warning to burglars. They will warn them that your home is equipped with home security.

Warning burglars before they could even break-in is also effective. About 60% of burglars hesitate when they notice the presence of a security system in a home. This is according to a report by Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Best Home Locks on the Back Door

The back door is another main home entry point that you should also secure. It is also one of the most vulnerable places to install the best home locks. According to an expert from ASecureLife.com, 22% of burglars enter through the back door.

In a burglar’s perspective, the back door is also an ideal point of entry. Unlike the front door, back door provides cover for the burglar. For this reason, back door entry usually goes unnoticed.

Extra security should be installed when you have a glass sliding door at the back of your home. You may add glass break detectors and security cameras to accompany the best locks. Save up to get the best house locks to buy and secure your back door.

Best Home Locks on Windows

Smart home locks are not just exclusive for house doors. There are also smart locks for windows.

Windows are vulnerable entry points too. They are usually made of glass. One strong force can break the glass and let anyone enter without permission.

Some people can also be lousy and forget to lock the window. 30% of burglars had the opportunity to enter a home due to an unlocked door or window.

This vulnerability makes windows one of the best places to install the smart home locks. Installing smart locks in windows will also allow you to automatically lock them when needed.

With smart windows locks forgetting to lock them is no big deal. You can always use a remote control or smartphone app to lock or unlock it. This is possible even if you are already miles away from home.

Smart Home Locks on Bedroom Doors

Bedrooms are also in need of protection from the best home locks. This is because bedrooms are one of the hot target rooms for burglars.

This is usually where you hide your things, including jewelry and expensive gadgets. Burglars know this and they would not hesitate to enter your bedroom to look for valuables.

For this reason, home security should also be one of the focuses of your home security. The bedroom doors are the best spots to install the smart home locks.

Smart Home Locks on Garage Door

The garage is also a favorite entry point for burglars. People have a lousy habit of letting garage doors open. 10% of burglars enter homes using the garage door. So, garage doors are also the best spots to install the best home locks.

By just letting the garage door open, you are making your home vulnerable to burglary. When you let your garage door open, burglars have the chance to see which tools he or she can use to break things in your home. For this reason, it is important to save up for the best house locks to buy for garage doors.

There is the best door lock for every entry point in our home. If you want to learn more about them and anything about home security, call Ezlo Innovation now at +1 (866) 966-2272. You may also send us your thoughts about building your own smart home at [email protected].


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