Switching from a mechanical lock to an electronic door handle can confuse you at the beginning. All your life, you might be using the traditional mechanical lock. But, switching to electronic door handle would guarantee you advantages in maintaining home security.

Electronic Door Handle

Burglary is quite an industry in the United States. According to Safeatlast.co, there are 2.5 million burglaries every year across the US.

Laws themselves are making little help for the fight to reduce this number. Only three states have illegalized the possession of the lock pick. These states are Virginia, Ohio, an d Nevada. All other states do not have a specific law that criminalizes possession of lock picking tools.

Unfortunately, mechanical locks have no strong defense against lock picks. The only decision you have to make to fight lock picking is to switch to an electronic door handle.

Defense against lock picking is just one of the advantages of switching to a keyless door knob. Here are the other benefits of having an electronic door handle:

Electronic Door Handle Allows Easy Passcode Change

It is easy to change keys in an electronic door handle. An electronic door handle uses a passcode in place of a physical metal key. For this reason, it is easy to change keys in a keyless door knob.

There will come a time when almost everyone knows your door’s passcode. And this could be a huge threat to your home security.

But, you have an electronic door handle so it is easy for you to change the key. You only had to make a different passcode to bring your security back to its former strength.

Electronic Door Handle Allows Easy Spare Key Making

Changing keys in the form of passcodes is easy in an electronic door handle. Making spare “keys” in these locks are easy as well.

Spare keys are needed especially when you want to let your loved ones and friends inside your home. Sometimes, you would want to enter your home even when you are at work or traveling.

Leaving a spare key for them near your door is risky. Burglars know that you hide keys in these places. That is why a passcode is a better alternative for spare keys.

In an electronic door handle, you can make a unique spare passcode for each of your friends or loved ones. In this way, you can also monitor who enters your home.

Electronic Door Handle Allows Easy Tracking

An electronic door handle allows you to make unique spare passcodes for each person. This allows you to track who enters your home by just checking what passcode has been entered.

There is also another way to track if someone enters your house even if you are not home. Most models of electronic door handle come with an app. The app is usually ready to download online. With the app, you could monitor your home even if you are miles away from it.

Electronic Door Handle Cuts Down the Risk of Losing Key

An electronic door handle cuts down the need for a physical metal key. So, you do not have to worry about losing and forgetting your keys. All you had to do is memorize your passcode and you will never lose it.

Physical keys are small in size so people tend to lose them. It could just fell out of your pocket when you are reaching for your wallet. You could also search for your house all day and still not find it when it gets lost. Using a passcode in place of a metal key cuts down these small but annoying hassles from your life.

Electronic Door Handle Cuts down the Risk of Lock Picking

Through electronic door handles, you can cut down the risk of you being a victim of lock picking. Since there is no keyhole to pick, the electronic door handle is lock pick-proof. This also means stronger home security for you.

Electronic Door Handle Is Visually Appealing

Security is the primary reason for availing an electronic door handle. It has way more advantages than a traditional mechanical door lock. It cuts down the risk of you being a victim of property and even violent crimes.

So, visual appeal is probably your least concern in getting an electronic door handle. But, this is also another advantage that this device could give you. It could add visual appeal to your home.

Home security is something people cannot just take lightly. This is the property and safety of life is people’s primary concern. So, if you want to secure your property and your life as well, get the best advice on home automation here, at Vera Control. Call us at +1 (866) 966-2272 or email us at info@getvera.com.

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