How Electronic Door Locks with Wifi?

Electronic door locks wifi seems to have come late, but we have been using a variety of it for a long time now. One of the most familiar varieties of these locks can be found in cars. Most cars nowadays can be locked and unlocked by a fob.

How Electronic Door Locks with Wifi?

Electronic wifi door locks are also used in smart homes nowadays. It stepped up the security offered by the traditional mechanical door locks.

Control in Electronic Door Locks Wifi

Electronic door locks wifi allowed two major modes of control. You can lock or unlock them using either the wifi or the passcode. The wifi is the wireless protocol of electronic wifi door locks. The passcode, on the other hand, plays the role of the traditional key.

1. Wifi Control in Electronic Door Locks Wifi. The common use of wifi technology spurred the development of wifi-ready devices. Nowadays, even televisions are wifi ready. Thus, even smart locks are now wifi-ready.

Before the wifi, most wireless protocols are based on Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and others. Nowadays, some devices are now using wifi as a wireless protocol. And one of these devices is the electronic wifi door locks.

Wifi door locks allowed easy connection between devices. Wifi also connected them to the Internet. The use of wifi protocol added a lot of advantages to the electronic door locks wifi.

2. Passcode Control in Electronic Door Locks Wifi. Electronic wifi door locks also allows passcode entry. This is another way of locking and unlocking the door locks.

Signal and connection might be at times weak for wireless door locks. To allows owners to control without the wifi, they are allowed to lock or unlock using a passcode.

This passcode takes the place of the traditional metal key. Only it is better as it can never be misplaced, lost, and forgotten.

Keys in Electronic Wifi Door Locks

Electronic door locks wifi comes in a variety of models. The development history of the electronic door lock saw changes in the way users lock doors. The mechanical key has now been replaced by a variety of electronic accessories.

Smartphones have a growing importance in daily life. This prevalence of smartphones also sparked a major change in electronic door locks.

Here are some devices and methods that replace mechanical keys in electronic wifi door locks:

1. Key Card in Electronic Door Locks Wifi. You might be already familiar with key cards. These are also an example of an electronic door locking system. This variety of electronic door lock is common hotels, securing rooms.

The key card cuts down the risk of losing a key. A traditional mechanical key is usually smaller. That is why it is frequently lost or left in places.

The key card, though, is less likely to be lost. This is because of its rectangular and usually have dimensions similar to credit cards. Key cards are seldom used in smart home locks, though.

2. Remote Control in Electronic Door Locks Wifi. Electronic wifi door locks can also be locked and unlocked using a remote control. Smart home remote controls nowadays are universal. They could control a wide range of devices as long as they are compatible with it. Even wireless door locks can now be controlled remotely.

The wifi protocol makes the remote control compatible with almost every wifi-ready device. SSo, electronic wifi door locks would have smooth compatibility with this device.

3. Passcode in Electronic Door Locks Wifi. Passcodes has been around in smart home lock technologies for a long time now. But, passcodes are still one of the best ways of securing electronic door locks.

The door locks cuts down the need for a physical key. All you had to do is create a passcode that only you or a few people you trust now. Memorize it and you will never have to worry about losing it. The only scenario that you would have to worry about is forgetting it.

4. Smartphone in Electronic Door Locks Wifi. Smartphones are now a prominent part of home automation nowadays. This is probably the most interesting way of controlling electronic door locks wifi. Electronic wifi door locks and smartphones make a perfect pair as they both use wifi as a protocol.

Most wifi door locks come with an application. You only have to download the application from an app store. This app will allow you to lock and unlock your door anywhere even if you are miles away from home.

Locking Mechanism in Electronic Door Locks Wifi

Locking in electronic door locks wifi is similar to that of the mechanical lock. But in electronic wifi door locks, locking is automated.

In some models, an electronic device is attached to the deadbolt. It is the electronic device’s job to turn the deadbolt when commanded so.

In some models, though, a door lever can be locked or unlocked when you type the pin.

Electronic door locks come in a variety of shapes. You might get overwhelmed or even confused about which model to use. If you want trusted experts to guide you in building your smart home, you can call Ezlo Innovation at +1 (866) 966-2272. You may also send us your thoughts at [email protected] 

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