Types of Security Door Locks with Wi-Fi Control

There is an interesting diversity among security door locks. These devices take many forms. A lot of lock models nowadays are also a wifi door lock in another way. Being a wifi door lock is not where these devices end. These wifi security door locks themselves take multiple forms as there are models of them being created out of innovation.

Security Door Locks

Some of the types of wifi door locks

  1. Wifi Door Lock With Keypad
  2. Wifi Door Lock With Embedded Fingerprint Sensor
  3. Wifi Door Lock With Motion Detection
  4. Wifi Door Lock Deadbolt
  5. Wifi Door Lock Lever
  6. Wifi Door Lock Knob

Wifi Door Lock With Keypad

Some wifi door lock models take the form of a keypad lock. Keypad locks are advantageous when compared with keyed door locks as they cut down the need for a physical key. Having a door lock that requires a physical key to be opened has some vulnerabilities as homeowners may lose or forget their keys.

Rekeying would also be easier with keypad wifi door locks. You only have to retype your old passcode on the keyword then type your new one to replace the old. Besides, preparing a duplicate key to be given to loved ones and friends would also be a lot easier with the keypad as a lot of models allow you to make multiple passcodes. You could make a unique passcode combination for every person you give a duplicate “key” so you could track who comes in and out of your home when you needed to.

Wifi Door Lock With Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

Some wifi door lock models are equipped with a fingerprint sensor, offering a much more secure door lock structure. It would take a criminal a lot of time, effort, and resources just to replicate your fingerprint. The downside of this is that most models are often expensive. If you are on a tight budget, this might not be the best option for you.

Wifi Door Lock With Motion Detection

Some wifi door lock model steps their games further by adding motion-sensing capabilities to their systems. These models usually have a built-in camera within them and the motion sensor helps them save up footage storage by recording only when movements are detected.

The motion sensor could also recognize both authorized and unauthorized movements. These models may also have alarms that automatically turn on when they detect any unrecognized movements. The alarm could only be neutralized once the user types a correct passcode. With such jam-packed security features, any person with ill-intentions would not even dare to break into your home.

Wifi Door Lock Deadbolt

Wifi door lock models could also take the form of a deadbolt, which are keyless and can only be activated by touch or motion. Some models can also be locked and unlocked using an application which cuts down the need of the key and maximizes the use of the wifi as the main operating protocol.

There are two types of these wifi door lock deadbolts. One type is a complete lock set that requires to be installed to the door like a usual door lock. Another type allows you to use your old deadbolt, and you only had to put a smart device on the existing mechanical deadbolt to turn your old device into something new without disposing anything from your door.

Wifi Door Lock Lever

Some wifi door lock models take the form a lever lock. These models are made especially to those who want to experience smart home technology while maintaining the style of their homes. Some lock models are just not fit on some home designs and smart device developers remedy this by making smart locks look like old mechanical tools.

But, having a lover lock appearance does not make these wifi door lock models less of a smart device as most of these devices have wifi-ready features paired with keypads and even biometrics and motion sensors.

Wifi Door Lock Knob

The wifi door lock model with a knob takes the same purpose as the smart door lever. The doorknob looks like its mechanical brother— the ordinary doorknob, only that it has the features of a true smart home device.

It is wifi-ready and is often paired with a keypad, a security camera, motion detection, and even biometrics. It has all the features that would make it qualified to be considered a smart home device. It is perfect when old homes want smart home technology while not wanting to spoil the style of their house.

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