Top 6 Reasons to become an Ezlo Dealer

See what makes us different and how we can help you grow your business.

1. Our platform works with everything
Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri—for us, it’s all just a
way to enable the services and experiences that your customers want.
2. Your customers get a path to growth
Get them started with a simple plug and play experience, or
offer them a multi-radio model with built-in security
features and a full suite of devices.
3. We offer one-stop shopping

Our product line includes hubs, cameras, thermostats, sensors,

water damage solutions, and more—plus we sell third party devices

so you can save time by ordering everything in one place.

4. We're pushing the boundaries of possibility

In the past two years we’ve made three acquisitions to grow our product line
and strengthen our platform. We’re also creating more IP, and have more patents,
than any other company in the space.

5. Exclusive New Dealer Deals
Deal 1
Get 10% off regular dealer price for 3 months with an opening $700 order
Deal 2
Get a free Ezlo PlugHub Energy with an opening $500 order
Deal 3
Get 3 Vera Edge hubs for $99.95. Test them for 30 days—they’re yours to keep. Then place an opening $500 order and get 10% off dealer price for 3 months

Ready to become an Ezlo Dealer?

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About Ezlo
Ezlo Innovation delivers best-in-class connected solutions to homes and businesses on a global
scale. Its family of brands, which includes Vera, MiOS, Fortrezz, and Centralite has nearly 50
combined years of experience in home automation and offers a broad range of devices across
multiple communications protocols.
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