Introducing Ezlo SoftHub

A free downloadable smart home hub.

Supported Platforms: Pi 2b, Pi 4b, X86 Linux and Windows 11

The world's most sophisticated and flexible smart home platform.


We’ve built the Ezlo platform with a local-first philosophy.

We think that whatever can be done locally,
should done locally.

What's included

Device Management

SoftHub integrates with Wi-fi devices locally through our IP Device Generator, which is available by default in all of our hubs. This provides out-of-the-box support for thousands of Wi-fi devices!

SoftHub can also integrate Z-wave devices via 3rd-party Z-Wave hardware like Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, Zooz 8, Z-Wave.Me RaZberry 7 Pro, and more.

ZigBee support is on the way!

Account Management

SoftHub features a full account management system for managing additional users and their permissions.

MeshBot Creation on Local Controller

You can create as many MeshBots as you want on your SoftHub. MeshBots run locally so creating rules/setups for your home is fast and easy.

Data Backup

SoftHub supports automatic backups, so your configuration, devices, rules, and scenes are always safe!

Receive notifications

SoftHub provides notifications both locally and through our Vera mobile app. 

Everything you need to run your smart ecosystem locally. And it's free!

With our Cloud Platform Subscription you will also get:

Control your home,
no matter where you are.

Remote access to your controller, automations, dashboards, and plugins from anywhere in the world. 

Cloud Integrations

Our cloud integration platform NuCAL integrates with a wide range of popular services and only takes a few clicks to set up.

You can integrate these 3rd-party service features into your automations as triggers & actions.


Visualize your home automation setup and easily control devices, meshbots, cloud services, and plugins with our powerful code-free drag & drop Dashboard Designer.

Virtual Containers

Create your own virtual devices and have the flexibility to mix and match different capabilities from your favorite devices and cloud services.

Cloud storage

Maximize the capabilities of your cameras with 60 days of rolling video storage on the Ezlo Cloud. You’ll always have immediate access to all of your camera recordings, even on the go!  Ezlo also gives you the ability to share recordings and much more!

Need additional help?

From initial setup to expanding your system, Ezlo will help every step of the way.

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