The Genie Intellicode

You want to have the best security for your home or business, which is why your access systems are very important to monitor. One place to start is a smart system for your garage, making your home safer and also much more convenient at the same time.

Genie Intellicode

There are many reasons why you may want your garage entrance to be secured, with the main reason being to prevent unauthorized access by criminals and wrongdoers. Your garage door will often lead to the inside of your home, which means that your safety can be compromised if your garage entrance is properly secured in all times.

In the case of a business property, you may also want to improve security or ensure that only certain people from your company can access a specific garage or storage unit. This may be one of the reasons why you should invest in a proper security system which includes the Genie Intellicode system.

The Intellicode Access Security System from Genie allows you to benefit from a range of features for your home or business, specifically in terms of improving the system for your garage door opener. It offers significant benefits over normal garage openers that often-used fixed codes to operate.

By eliminating the possibility of any unauthorized person gaining access to your garage, you can significantly increase the security of your home overall, making sure that someone won’t even accidentally be able to open your garage. And with so many code hackers out there, you never know when you might be the target of a criminal, making it even more important to up your security.

Using the Genie Intellicode System

Conventional garage door openers normally transmit the same, fixed security code every time the remote button is pressed. Although this is very convenient, it can pose a security issue, not only by intruders, but even just by accident when a neighbour unknowingly uses a remote with the same fixed code. This is where the Genie Intellicode system comes in, as it offers a perfect solution to this problem.

The Genie Intellicode is very different. Every time you use your garage door opener, the system is activated, and the proprietary code system selects a brand-new code from a total of billions of different possible combinations. This allows for a significant improvement in security as it is virtually impossible to hack the code. This will help to prevent any unauthorized entry into your home for your garage.

The Genie Intellicode is a revolutionary system that offers you increased security for your garage door opener, and this is ideal for your home or your business. There are so many code hackers today, that you simply can’t risk being a victim of unauthorized access to your home. To avoid this, the Genie Intellicode is the perfect solution to eliminate any fixed codes and use a brand-new code combination every time you activate the remote.

With so many great features, this is a garage door opener that can really add to the security of your home. This system offers a lot of features and state of the art technology that will fit most residential garages. It also has a modern design that will fit in perfectly with garages large and small.

With the owner’s manual, it’s easy to program your Genie remote and there are specific instructions for every model. You can also program your Genie wireless keypad or request an improved installer to assist.

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