Hanging Solar lights Outdoor

Why Hanging Solar Lights Outdoors is a Must?

For some of us, we put a lot of effort into making sure our yard is spruced up. We plant the best ornamental vines or shrubs, we paint our walls with vibrant colours, and we keep the outside part of our house clean and tidy. But even if you’re not the type who will go all the way to beautify your yard, some sprucing up won’t hurt to give your home a welcoming ambiance. We at Ezlo suggest that you do this by hanging solar lights outdoors. Coming up with outdoor solar lights to decorate your home is a favourable step to not only put touches of aesthetic appeal to your patio or garden, but also to save up on energy expenses. Among various outdoor decoration ideas out there, using outdoor solar lights will prove to be a great addition to your home. Before deciding to beautify your home using solar lights, here are some inputs to help you choose the best hanging solar lights outdoors.

How Solar Lights Save Energy

Additional lighting means additional dollars on your electricity bills. Opting for outdoor solar lights solves that problem, but you already know that. Here are more insights on how and why coming up with the best hanging solar lights outdoors is energy-efficient:

 Soak Up All the Sun

We’ve seen gadgets powered up using solar batteries, like flashlights and radios. The thing with these gadgets is that you have to constantly bring them outside in the day to make sure they are charged, lest they become useless at night. The thing with your outdoor solar lights is that they are always outside, meaning they bask in sunlight the entire day, and will surely gather enough energy in the evening. Putting up the best hanging solar lights outdoors meaning using their solar energy functions to the fullest.

Dusk-till-Dawn Functions

Dusk-till-dawn sensors measure how much light there is outside, and using the best hanging solar lights outdoors with dusk-till-dawn capabilities assures you they will charge and light up on their own. Once the sensor detects there is an abundance of light, it will switch to charge mode. But once the sensor picks up a level of darkness, it activates the bulbs. The best hanging solar lights outdoors are ones with fancy tricks to save energy.


Choosing the Best Lights

There are some options for outdoor solar lights you might consider. Finding out the best hanging solar lights outdoors means deciding on the location, the area needed to be lighted up, and the kind of aesthetic appeal you want to draw out. Take a look at these outdoor solar lights options, and discern later on if they are the best hanging solar lights outdoors to put in your home.

String Lights

These are the best hanging solar lights outdoors to put on top of wide areas to act as ceiling lights. These outdoor solar lights come in a variety of bulb sizes and colors, and may even be programmed to put on a light show. These are also the best hanging solar lights outdoors to wrap around trees, branches, or posts. Using string lights as outdoor solar lights give a more holiday feel to your yard, and can certainly bring up the festive mood.


As outdoor solar lights, they might have a similar appeal to string lights when placed atop your garden or yard. But the concentrated shine of these fixtures makes them the best hanging solar lights outdoors for specific areas that may need emphasis. Hang these outdoor solar lights on corners, or near ornamental plants to show off their beautiful flowers or leaves. You can also hoist them on poles and put them on doorways or walkways, and your lanterns are now lamp posts. That’s one way to double on the aesthetic function of your outdoor solar lights.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the best hanging solar lights outdoors in open patios. Set them on top of tables so that they light up your dinner parties with a fancy twist. The low positioning of these lights makes them the best hanging solar lights outdoors to encourage conversations between party guests and enjoying intimate moments.

More Options

We at Ezlo hope that these ideas helped you in choosing the best hanging solar lights outdoors for your home. But in case these are not enough for you to come up with the right outdoor solar light’s options, our website is brimming with a lot of ideas. Check out our catalogue of lighting options here, and browse through the rest of our website to see how else you can brighten up your home.

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