The Best Home Video Security 2022

Every property owner considers their security. A great way to have added protection in a home is by installing a home video security system. There are many aspects of a security system that need to be considered. Every homeowner should understand a few things before investing in a home surveillance system.

Home Video Security

What Is A Home Video Security System Camera?

Most people get their surveillance tech terminology from movies or informal conversations, which ultimately causes people to be in a muddle sometimes. As a result, most homeowners don’t know the difference between surveillance and security cameras. The majority think that the two are the same and use the terms interchangeably.

Typically, a surveillance camera would be used where there needs to be continuous recording and used with CCTV. They are used chiefly for investigative purposes and are helpful tools for capturing events as they happen. Users can watch events happening remotely.

On the other hand, a home security camera is different. Many of them need a trigger to be active. Triggers are mostly motion, but some more advanced cameras can be set up to respond to other stimuli.

Home security is mainly designed to keep potential burglars and other crime-thirsty individuals away. In other cases, the cameras may assist individuals within a home safe and potentially keep them from danger, for instance, children or the elderly. The footage is commonly stored in cloud storage, and others allow users to download the footage.

How To Choose The Best Security System

Many homeowners take the security of their property seriously and therefore opt to invest in security systems. Deciding on which security system to purchase can be difficult. There are many factors that homeowners must consider when choosing a security system. Here are a few factors that can help you make a decision.

1. Image Quality

The purpose of a security system is to capture events as they occur. However, in the past, a significant hindrance with the cameras was the quality but not anymore. Many cameras these days have a high resolution which comes in handy in a trial, monitoring, and even storing footage from a special occasion like a birthday party.

The highest resolution cameras come in 4k and 2k, but they come with their setback. Most phones cannot stream 4k and 2k, making the expense not worth it. Make sure your phone can support the video resolution before purchasing a camera. 1080p is a high-definition camera which means that it is clear, and most smartphones also support it.

2. Audio

High-quality images are essential, but they can even be better with clear audio. A camera that comes with a microphone and speaker makes communication through the security cameras possible. Users can communicate with people in the home remotely, and audio has also been known to scare intruders away.

3. Field of View

Field of view is another essential factor to consider. A camera with a broader field of view will fully capture details and have fewer blind spots. Having a camera with a wide field of view means you need fewer cameras around the premises. A good camera should have a field of view of no less than 120 degrees.

4. Night Vision

A camera that can recognizably capture images at night is a valuable tool. Through the cameras, users can identify intruders moving within the premises in the dead of night. An added advantage of infrared night vision cameras is that they use LED sensors that the human eye can’t see. The cameras could record an intruder without them having the slightest idea.

Lately, a new generation of cameras has had night colour vision. The cameras can capture details at night in colour, but a disadvantage is the bright white light when recording. It makes the camera visible, which may not be a great thing in surveillance cases. However, it can be a great way to scare off intruders.

5. Storage

An essential part of a security system is the footage. Videos need to be stored, and some companies provide both local and cloud storage. The storage options ensure that data isn’t lost and, in some cases, maybe stored automatically. Local storage allows users to download, load the data, and upload the critical footage on the cloud.

6. Value

The main factor determining the kind of storage device a homeowner purchases is their budget. Of course, all users want the best, but they are limited by what they can afford.

Nowadays, many cameras come at affordable prices and have many features available. Some cameras have additional features that users may purchase through a subscription. However, some free versions work just fine.

Wrapping It Up

Many cameras are available in the market today, and deciding may be difficult. When users consider the right factors, they can purchase a security camera system that will essentially meet all their needs.

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