Must you break the bank to secure your home with security home systems?

The short answer is yes and no.

While there are some pocket-friendly security home systems, the features these home security systems come with cannot be compared to the pricier ones. It is also worth noting that using high-end security systems in your home does increase its value. For example, installing security cameras and lights with sensors on your property.  

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Moreover, having security systems set up in your home is an addition your insurance company will delight in. The reason is they reduce the risk of damage and theft to your property, thus allowing you to save on home insurance costs to even up to 20%. So, in essence, this will end up returning some money to your pocket.  

Types of security home systems

While there are many home security system reviews for different products, security home systems come in different functions and types. They can be classified into four:


These are the most sold home security systems in the current market. Once installed, they alert emergency responders, security teams, and call centres every time an intruder is on the premises. They will also send an alert in the event of a fire or any other emergency. Monitored systems are of two types:


These are the ones that users can control and monitor. They include sirens that call/text you when there’s an intrusion, security cameras, door sensors, and motion sensors.



They are operated and monitored by professional personnel and organisations. They include silent alarms, loud sirens, sensors, cameras, motion detectors, and door sensors. When the alarm is triggered, police or a security company is dispatched to your home.



Unmonitored security systems work by setting off a very loud (even deafening) distress signal all over the property when the alarm is triggered. They consist of smoke detectors, window & door sensors, sirens, sensors during glass breaks, motion sensors, and control panels.



These security home systems don’t involve wiring during setup. They include alarms, cameras, sensors, and detectors; they also have a three-fold process, i.e., detection, annunciation, and monitoring.



These are systems that are connected to a low-voltage wired alarm panel. All the entry points are wired to the control panel, including the keypads and motion detectors.



Home security systems are meant to secure your home starting from the entry point. You will never have to worry about security at home when properly installed.

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