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6 Critical Reasons Why You Need a Home Monitor

Burglaries are an enormous concern for many homeowners today. Statistics show that there are over a million home invasions every year. It is a scary fact and a big reason you should consider purchasing a home monitor. This system does more than monitor suspicious activities; it also allows you to keep an eye on your kids.

Home monitoring is not a luxury. It is a system that helps you protect your family and property. To understand why a home monitor is necessary-here are a few things you should know.


The purpose of any surveillance system is to keep burglars at bay. Protection against intruders is the first and most important function. It protects your family and property. Smart-home systems allow you to monitor your property remotely. You get alerts in case of a break and emergency response services.

Studies show that 60% of burglars don’t break into houses with visible monitoring systems. A visible exterior surveillance camera will scare an intruder even if it son operational. Apart from protection, it also acts as a deterrent for criminals.

Home monitoring systems also protect against gas leaks and other hazards. They can alert you when there is a risk of fire or when there is a leak. When fitted to a smart system, these home monitors sound an alarm if there is a problem at home. They act as your first line of defense when there is any risk.

Access to Emergency Response

Remember that it is not just about surveillance. There is also the need for a quick response if burglars manage to get into your house. Modern home monitoring systems have panic buttons that alert dispatch units to come to your aid. They can also be used by elderly or sick people when they have a medical emergency.

It is impossible to quantify just how critical a home monitoring system is. It can save you from life-threatening situations and even help identify perpetrators of a crime. This system gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family and well protected.

A Home Monitor Lowers the Cost of Insurance

To reduce the amount you pay for home insurance, get a home monitoring system. Not only does it provide round-the-clock protection, but it also reduces how much you pay in insurance premiums. The extra layer of security reduces the risk of a break-in. This protection deters criminals from targeting your home and decreases your premiums by as much as 20%.

Although initial setup costs may be high, this system saves you a lot of money in the long term and is a valuable investment. A home monitoring system also has a high return on investment and is worth every penny you invest.

Security in Real Time

Home monitoring systems have smart technology that gives you protection 24 hours a day. An active monitoring system allows you to see what happens in real time. You can see if and when a break-in happens and immediately alert the police. This system makes it easier for burglars to be apprehended.

34% of burglars usually attack the front door. Most of them walk in like they own the place. A further 23% break a window. With a 24-hour surveillance system, you can see when a break-in happens. It alerts you as soon as a burglar breaks a window.

Wireless Home Monitors are Difficult to Disable

New technology has made home systems more durable. The use of wireless technology now allows you to fix your monitoring system anywhere you want. The adhesive on the back of these cameras makes them easy to install. A wireless system fitted at the side of your house is difficult to reach or disable.

Most burglars try to damage cameras before breaking into your home. Wireless components make this complicated. Modern home monitoring systems are also resistant to adverse weather conditions. Strong winds or rain can not easily damage them. This durability is what makes them a valuable investment.

Home Monitoring Ensures You Get What You Pay For

Another critical function of this system is to monitor unsupervised employees. You can monitor house cleaners and babysitters in real time to ensure they perform their duties diligently. This feature is crucial if you leave your kids home with a nanny.

The surveillance camera keeps tabs on what happens in your home while you are away. It is a precaution that protects your family and property.

Bottom Line

A home monitoring system is the most effective way of keeping your family safe. It provides a solution that guarantees you don’t lose your investment.

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