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9 Useful Things To Look For In A Home Monitoring Camera

Home video surveillance has become popular these days. Many homeowners seek ways to protect their properties from burglaries or other criminal activities. Therefore, they install a home monitoring camera at strategic entry points to track intruders and illegal actions. 

The home security industry has grown at a tremendous rate over the years. According to Statista, in 2021, about 336 million homes had home security cameras worldwide. This figure is predicted to exceed one trillion by 2027. 

Home security devices have revolutionized private security systems. They help law enforcement agencies track dangerous activities. But, you can do much more with a good home monitoring camera than catch criminals red-handed. Here are some useful things you should look for in a home monitoring camera.

Night Vision Feature on Home Monitoring Camera

The first thing anyone would look for in a home surveillance camera is night vision. That’s because the feature lets your camera capture clear images at night. That means you won’t need a flashlight or lighting device to check things out. Instead, you only need to plug the camera in to power and turn it on. With this, you will quickly catch someone trying to break into your house or office building red-handed.

Motion Detection Functionality for Home Monitoring Camera

Most motion detection cameras detect movement in their area of coverage. If something moves through the area, the camera takes a picture. It’s a great security feature because it doesn’t need constant checking by a human being. That means your home or business remains protected, even though you may be asleep.

The only downside is that it might capture your pets, kids, family members, or guests by mistake.

Check Your Home Monitoring Camera for Infrared Sensors

Infrared sensors detect motion in dark areas. These sensors operate by detecting infrared radiation emitted from objects. As such, they record environmental information, such as temperature changes, humidity, and movement.

Unlike other video-camera sensors, these home security cameras do not need direct visual contact with what they are recording. Thus, they receive the signal and convert it into valuable data.

Geofencing Feature on Home Monitoring Camera

Imagine having a camera around your property capturing images when something only moves into its field of vision. With this feature, you can create a perimeter around your home or office, where movement triggers a notification. It’s perfect if you want to monitor your kids’ activities without being in their room.

Pan and Tilt Option on Home Monitoring Camera

Most homeowners often try to capture video footage from certain angles without having their cameras move. In essence, this can lead to distorted videos that may not give you the complete picture of what is happening in your home.

Fortunately, some cameras have a pan and tilt feature where you can control the panning and tilting motion of the camera while recording. Having this feature allows you to position yourself at any angle and still record the scene in its entirety.

Consider Google Assistant and Alexa Integrations for Home Monitoring Camera

Amazon’s voice-controlled technology is already popular in home automation. With this feature, you will ‌control lights, appliances, speakers, and thermostats.

This integration allows users to use voice commands to control the camera and view live video feeds from any Wi-Fi-connected device, record videos, schedule recordings, and set reminders. 

Also, if you have access to an Android phone, you can integrate your smartphone into cameras using Google Assistant. That will make them work as smart security cameras. That means you can check the temperature, motion, and activity levels, talk to people through your speaker, play music, and turn lights on or off.

Cloud Recording for Home Monitoring Camera

Cloud recording means that data stored on the cloud server does not require you to download or install anything. Using this feature, you can get instant notifications when anything happens at home, like someone entering the room. The camera automatically recognizes and tracks objects in real-time using AI, smart algorithms, advanced machine learning, and object recognition. This makes it easier to track intruders, monitor pets, and even detect smoke alarms.

Built-In Wireless Connection Functionality for Home Monitoring Camera

A wireless connection allows your camera to control remotely and connect to your smartphone or tablets via Bluetooth. Use this feature to view live video streams and capture snapshots. Some home wireless security cameras allow you to stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

These streaming options are great if you have multiple people watching at different times throughout the day.

Waterproofing Capabilities for Home Monitoring Camera

When looking for a home camera, ensure that it has waterproofing capabilities. This feature enables the device to withstand water damage without affecting its performance.

This helps homeowners protect against damages from rain, leaks, floods, or other forms of moisture. This way, you don’t need to worry about being able to use the camera if you experience bad weather.

Home security devices are essential in protecting our homes and property against intruders. If you want to invest in this device, follow the vital factors above. That way, you will get a better idea of what you want from your home security camera.

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