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Home Monitoring System

Features of Best Home Monitoring System

What could be more than ensuring your family and properties are safe when it comes to a home monitoring system? A home monitoring software system provides you with peace of mind by ensuring the safety of your home even when you are miles away.

A robust home monitoring software alerts you if anything happens at home while you are away. Often the cameras allow you remote access to a video of your property.

Home security with a Home Monitoring System

Home Monitoring System

A home monitoring system can be as simple as a camera that turns on when it detects motion or noise or as complex as a system that uses multiple cameras. Some systems allow you to log in with an internet connection, while others require you to use an app. Others still require access to video recordings by plugging them into your computer.

5 Types of Home Monitoring

Several home monitoring systems are available in the market. Some use sensors that alert you when someone opens a door or window, others have motion detectors, and some can monitor your rooms or the temperature in the house. Home monitoring software systems come in various forms.

  • Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Alarms, Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Audio Monitors
  • Video Monitors
  • CCTV Security Cameras

1. Burglar alarms

Burglar Alarms
Burglar alarms with sensors can detect open doors and windows and send an alarm signal to a control unit in your house and a monitoring station. The provider may then contact you or the police to report the break-in. Most burglar alarm systems work on batteries that last up to five years.
2. Fire alarms, smoke/carbon monoxide detector
Fire Alarms
They operate the same way as burglar alarms when detecting fires and smoke. The best fire alarm devices sound an alarm that automatically alerts and calls your fire department when they detect a problem. You can get fire alarm systems with heat detectors and smoke detectors.
3. Audio monitors
Audio Monitors
These monitors let you listen in on voices emanating from your home anytime and anywhere. You will receive an alert if they detect sounds above a certain decibel level, such as a baby crying or a door slamming.
4. Video monitors

Video monitors allow you to see the happenings in your home at all times using your smartphone or computer as an extra set of eyes whenever you need them. You can also opt for an intelligent system that includes all three types of monitors, so you never miss anything important happening inside or outside your home. 

5. CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV Security Cameras

Home monitoring security systems fall into three main categories: security cameras, wireless, and surveillance cameras. Security cameras are hardwired and installed in a fixed location and are often used for outdoor surveillance, and require constant maintenance. 

Wireless security cameras use a wireless network and do not require professional monitoring or maintenance. Surveillance cameras are typically outdoors and indoors. They offer the highest level of protection because they constantly record live video footage.

Features of a Good Home Monitoring System

The best home security systems guarantee the protection of your family and property. Choosing the right system for you with so many home security systems can be challenging as different companies offer different features, so research them carefully before buying. 

To help you wade through the process, here are features of the best home security surveillance systems:

Home Monitoring Software System

Home Monitoring systems
A home monitoring system contains several components that work together to help keep you connected to your home. A home monitoring software system with a base station acts as the system’s brain. It hosts all the sensors that connect and communicate with the monitoring service when an alarm is triggered.
Door Sensor
Door Sensor

A door sensor is a magnet that connects to a door or window. When the door or window opens, it triggers an alarm on the hub. 

Motion sensors

Motion sensors

A motion sensor serves in areas you want to be alerted if someone enters, like hallways or windows. They can detect movement from pets under a certain weight, so you don’t have false alarms going off all the time. 

Indoor Camera

An indoor camera monitors your home and lets you look in remotely using your smartphone or tablet. It also keeps track of who comes and goes in your house with face recognition technology, so you know for sure who is there when you’re not at home.


It’s no secret that crime is on the rise, and no one is immune to such misfortunes. It is, therefore, crucial to take every precaution possible to protect your property and loved ones by installing a home monitoring system

With the advent of home security systems, people can protect their homes from burglars and other intrusions. These systems provide safety assurance through real-time access to what’s happening in your home, whether you’re in or not. 

Home surveillance systems can also help you catch criminals in the act, leading to their arrest and prosecution. With recent advances in technology, home monitoring systems allow you to use your smartphone to check in on things like door and window sensors as well as your camera system.

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