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Home Security Alarm

How does a Home Security Alarm System Operate?

Home Security Alarm

A home security alarm system helps protect the entry points of a building. It comes with sensors that collaborate with a control panel set up in an appropriate place within a home. Often, sensors are fixed on doors leading inside a house and easy-to-reach windows.

If you have a storied house, setting up motion sensors on all access points on the lower floors may be ideal. An ideal home security system comes with the following components.

Control Panel

A control panel is  the heart of a home security system configuration. In case of intrusion or breach of the security zone, it triggers the alarm, collaborates with all installed elements, and alerts the alarm surveillance firm.

The control panel comes with a touchpad to facilitate programming and communication. It also hosts passcodes that activate and deactivate the home security alarm system. 

You can operate modern-day control panels through voice commands or even program them to work with a critical FOB (frequency operated button) or wireless remote controls. 

Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors comprise two parts set up next to each other. One section of the gadget is fixed in the window or door while the other is mounted on the window sill or door frame. When the window or door closes, the two elements of the sensor are connected to form a security system circuit. 

Linking the home security alarm system to the control hub facilitates communication between it and the sensors. Opening a secured window or door breaks the security circle forcing the control hub to activate the alarm. The security monitoring firm will also be alerted automatically. 

Other Components of a home alarm security system include:

  • Motion sensors
  • High decibel alarms
  • Window stickers and yard signs
  • Surveillance cameras


While some current alarm security systems lack surveillance cameras, buyers can buy add-on cameras separately. Some of the most common camera accessories include video door alarm options. 

The link to your home security alarm system wirelessly through WiFi or via the available door alarm wiring and notify you if motion is detected at the door. Some advanced doorbell video cameras can detect and alert you if a package is dropped at your door. 

Many homeowners prefer weather-resistant outdoor cameras, especially for outdoor spaces. You can either plug these cameras into an outdoor socket or use an indoor socket.

Depending on how far it is from the outdoor camera location, you may be forced to drill a hole leading to your indoor socket. Are you looking for convenience, cost-effectiveness, and value for your money? 

Consider buying a battery or even solar-powered options. Indoor cameras are part of some home alarm security systems. However, some people shun them for privacy reasons. 

The ideal security camera can detect motion and discharge alerts regardless of where you mount them. Some cameras are specially designed to identify humans, while others have facial recognition features. 

You can  program your security cameras  to record videos continuously or only when motion is detected to save on storage space. Video can be stored in the cloud for a monthly subscription fee or on a local hard drive.

What if a Breach Occurs?

Security alarm systems are designed to execute specific functions when an intrusion occurs in a protected area. However, what they do depends on the security system model you are using, as we shall see below. 

  • Non-Monitored Home Security Systems

Today, numerous do-it-yourself home security alarms are not professionally monitored by security firms. If there is a security breach, in this case, a high decibel alarm is activated. This type of security system requires the homeowner to alert emergency response teams. 

  • Professionally Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems

If you are using a professionally monitored alarm system, your provider will be notified when a security breach occurs at home. Skilled security agents will then try to reach or communicate with you through the control hub if it is configured to allow two-way voice communication.

They might also call the emergency phone numbers on your account. Professionally monitored home security systems communicate with the alarm firm in various ways such as:

  • Through the internet, even though this method hardly works during a power outage.
  • Through home contact lines which continue working through battery backup in case of a power outage
  • Wirelessly via cellular radio frequencies such as mobile phones. These devices will continue working if the battery doesn’t run out. 
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which doesn’t function in case of a power outage

When emergencies occur, monitoring firms alert the relevant response personnel in your regions like paramedics, firefighters, and police. The firm will also maintain communication until response teams arrive. 


Are you looking for the ideal home security alarm system for your home? A professional system may be ideal. Remember, dealing with some emergencies on your own can be risky. However, a professional system will alert the monitoring firm and get you practical help immediately. Talk to a professional home surveillance firm today and secure your home from unauthorized access.

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