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Home Security for Apartments

Top-Rated Home Security for Apartments in 2022

There is nothing as exhausting as constantly worrying about the safety of your family and property. As of 2021, the number of break-ins annually became a concern for law enforcement and homeowners alike. According to a recent study by the FBI, burglary is the most common threat to apartment buildings, with the most vulnerable units being those located on the ground floor. 

For this reason, it has become increasingly necessary to get high-tech home security for apartments. The challenge for people living in an apartment is it is not a permanent residence. Unlike homeowners who can alter the buildings as they see fit, renters do not have that luxury. 

Home Security For Apartments

While the risk of burglary is substantially lower for renters, it is still critical to purchase a security system that guarantees their safety. considerations, such as budgetary constraints, may influence the overall decision. However, home security for apartments is an investment that will provide value for money. 

Several home security systems offer quality at the top level. Here is a shortlist of some of the best and most highly recommended security systems in 2022. 

Recommended Home Security for Apartments

It is critical to note that people who live in apartments have different priorities. While homeowners may seek to invest in a more permanent solution, renters need a short-term system. They need a security solution that protects their home, is easy to install and does not interfere with the state of the apartment. 

These considerations make the selection of a home security system an exact science. Let’s look at some manufacturers who offer this service at an affordable rate. 

FrontPoint Security

First on the list is a highly acclaimed company that offers several solutions with varying prices. Frontpoint gives you a variety of home security options at different price points.

This company has an installation time of only 30 minutes, and it gives you the added value of a central control panel. Frontpoint also gives you a wide selection of sensors and high-definition cameras. Your home security will depend on how sophisticated you want your system to be.

If you want a simple monitoring system, an outside camera and a wireless alarm system may do the trick. However, if you want something elaborate, you can include anything from intelligent plugs to a doorbell camera with motion detectors and glass break sensors. It is important to note that more equipment means more expenses, so focus on critical components. 

Frontpoint also offers all their equipment with a warranty, usually with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are in the market for top-rated home security for apartments, then Frontpoint should be on your list. 

Brinks Home Security Systems

Next on the list is Brinks. This company is an industry leader in providing high-level home security and is one of the brands that has been around for quite a while. Brinks provides a

flexible monitoring system, efficient wireless equipment, and next-level touchscreen technology. 

If you want a system that is easy to install, activate and operate, this is it. What sets Brinks apart from its competition is that it ensures you have a 24-hour monitoring system that works even when you don’t have power. Essentially, you will still have a fully functional home security system even when burglars cut your power supply. 

Brinks also offers high-definition cameras and a keypad/touchscreen control panel that is simplified and easy to navigate. It has many of the same features as other manufacturers on this list, with glass break sensors and infrared cameras.

Simplisafe Home Security

If you are on a budget, this is the security system for you. Based on multiple home security for apartments reviews, Simplisafe gives you affordability without any proportional decrease in quality. Here, you get professional monitoring services with an option for self-monitoring and DIY installation. 

It’s a quick and easy solution with no contracts or hidden charges. While the choice of equipment may be slightly limited, the operational capacity and overall efficiency more than makeup for it. Unlike other companies, Simplisafe manufactures its equipment in-house, which means they offer customers highly competitive market prices. 

Simplisafe also offers cameras with viewing angles of up to 120 degrees, which is a great option considering the low price point. Many customers prefer this brand because of its flexibility and ease of installation. All you have to do is pay the upfront fees, and you have a fully functional home security system.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right security system to meet your needs is a tedious process. This shortlist provides you with a few of the best home security for apartments in the market to help keep your family and property safe. While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to security systems, these brands will go a long way in giving you a monitoring solution that works.

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