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Home Security System Cost

Home Security Cost Analysis

Security systems are ideal options that homeowners can adopt to secure their premises and keep trespassers at bay. Home security system cost varies based on your preferred security level and the available technical connections within a property. This article discusses factors that influence security system costs and provides a price breakdown of various security system types.  

Factors influencing Home Security System Cost

Home Security System Cost

Numerous factors impact the cost of security systems, as we shall see below. 

  • Installation 

Installation expenses range between $0 to more than $1500, based on the layout of the premises and the complexity and size of the system. Suppose installation involves modifying the home, for example, a wired home system that involves drilling into ceilings and walls; the project will be more costly. 

If you are a DIY enthusiast, some companies provide you with all the necessary materials and let you execute the installation process. The average cost of a standard professional security system installation is $300. 

  • Equipment Costs 

Equipment Costs

standard security configuration comprises door and window sensors, a central control hub, siren, and motion sensors. Some firms may give you these accessories for free for investing in their monitoring services. In this case, you will be forced to incur more monthly charges to cater to the costs. 

Some organizations offer a cheaper starter kit to attract customers. Beware of such offers because some of the kits may lack vital gadgets to cover your entire home, forcing you to buy them separately, which can be costly. 

Accessories like glass break sensors, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and cameras could increase your price. Always get an overall estimation of your security system requirements and a detailed list of things you need to buy separately before committing to a service provider. The average cost of essential equipment is $600. 

  • Self-Monitoring vs Monitored 

Self-monitored systems feature sensors mounted to an alarm, while professional firms manage monitored systems round the clock. These systems can cost consumers between $15 and $65 more based on your chosen service.  

  • Contracts, Taxes, and Fees

Governments tax for activation fees, maintenance, contract cancellation, and hardware. These home system costs are critical in choosing and budgeting for your ideal system.  

  • Home Security System Cost Evaluation 

ome Security System Cost Evaluation

Installing wireless systems is easy, and you do not need professional assistance. However, wired systems are complex and may need professional assistance for non-skilled individuals. Often, home security service providers lease out the installation to skilled contractors. 

Collaborating with professionals guarantees that all electrical elements are installed safely, and the system is configured for long-term success. The installation and equipment cost varies based on the security system you choose and the existing technology to reinforce the security advancements. 

A basic wired installation takes hours, while installing complex security with -home automation and innovative cameras can take a few days. Often, you will pay between $60 and $150 hourly, depending on your system of choice. 

Home systems cost between $200 and $1,000. You will need to pay activation fees for your system, ranging from $25 to $100. The average home security system installation cost is $1,400, and the breakdown is as follow: 

  • Labor $400
  • Equipment $500
  • Activation fees $100
  • Monitoring $400 

Unmonitored Vs. Monitored Home Security System Cost

Unmonitored Vs. Monitored Home Security System Cost

Home security systems are either unmonitored or monitored. There are different options available in the market, pushed by technological advancements. Unmonitored systems are cheaper because they do not require professional monitoring around the clock. They are also easy to install. If you choose an unmonitored option, you will be tasked with managing it independently. 

Self-monitoring options, however, send alerts to the monitoring company immediately the sensor is activated. You can also monitor your home through a mobile device. The cost of a monitored home system is higher than self-monitored options. 

Monthly fees often range between $3 and $60 based on your service. Some organizations will give you a discount upon signing a long-term contract. For example, the cost of a three-year home security system contract can range between $600 t0 $2,160. 

Some monitored security systems are easy to install, while others are complex and require the input of professionals.  


A total home security system cost ranges between $700 and $2,000. Many homeowners spend an average of $1,400 to install a standard monitored security system for three years. This cost is inclusive of monitoring fees. Installing an unmonitored security system can range between $80 to more than $4,000 based on the extra accessories. Talk to a professional security system provider today for the best quote that meets your needs.

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