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7 Features of Advanced Home Security Systems with Cameras

The advancement in technology has increased the standards of home security systems with cameras to a large extent. These high-end security systems are accessible and within reach by most interested consumers. The following comprises seven unique features of the advanced home security camera systems.    

Features of Advanced Home Security Systems with Cameras

Advanced security systems have outstanding features as follows.

1. Night vision

The advanced home security systems with cameras can recognize people within a distance of roughly 20 meters. That is in addition to their visibility of almost 50 meters. These systems utilize infrared night vision technology. However, they use thermal imaging whenever there is a need for advanced night vision. 

All objects with temperatures above zero release thermal radiation, even in minor quantities. The human eye is incapable of detecting that radiation and can only be sensed by thermal imaging sensors. By sensing temperature variation between a body and its environs, the thermal cameras can yield images in the visual spectrum. Advanced security systems are necessary for all homes and business spaces, especially in areas with rampant insecurity.   

2. Motion detection and automation

The advanced security systems utilize motion sensing to increase the time that can remain on the recorder by only holding recordings where a thing has been sensed as moving within the frame. Motion detection can be employed in commercial or warehouse spaces to detect dangerous behavior or individuals in a place they are not supposed to be. Even more satisfying is that the advanced motion detectors can turn and follow someone within their field of view. 

Motion sensors can also be utilized to sound off alarms, notifying you of intruders. The fact that you can configure the security system to ignore specific frame parts like the flag or trees to ensure the wind does not interfere with your security is gratifying. Motion detection is beneficial as it limits the recorded surveillance level, which saves significant storage space. Moreover, it saves your internet access data by performing fewer cloud backups. 

3. Internet protocol (IP)

The two standard technologies for home security cameras are the IP and HD-TVI. The HD-TVI is cheap and is widely sold by suppliers. However, the IP cameras are the best as they are flexible and produce quality pictures.

IP cameras offer a substantial boost in quality and capabilities of compressing video recording to maintain higher quality footage for an extended period. The IP cameras also offer increased flexibility while utilizing camera locations for additional smart home elements. Moreover, you can connect the IP cameras to the internet to facilitate safe remote access instead of connecting to an NVR first.

4. Remote accessibility and cloud backup

It is essential to remotely access the recorded videos and live feeds from your home security cameras. Remote accessibility is a standard feature for most modern home security systems with cameras. When you purchase a modern home security system, the vendor will provide you with a phone app, which will give you complete mobile phone access to every camera safely, ensuring you are the only one monitoring your property. 

Remote access facilitates viewing live footage of your home and business from anywhere and can even activate or deactivate your security cameras remotely. The advanced security cameras can be integrated with your other smart home devices, enabling you to operate them remotely from the same security application. Moreover, advanced security systems facilitate cloud storage of video recordings, which creates backups that you can utilize in the future.    

5. Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ)

A PTZ security camera provides remote direction and the ability to zoom. This feature makes a camera quite costly, but it is worth sacrificing, especially for business and residential areas. The PTZ feature will enable you to zoom in on an ongoing activity without manually altering the camera’s angle. 

6. Wireless technology

Modern security cameras can transmit any recorded footage wirelessly without corrupting the footage’s quality. The wireless cameras have a remote feed plus a control system. There are small variants of wireless security cameras that you can install in your cars to enhance your vehicle’s security.

7. Speakers

Advanced security systems have speakers that enable you to see and converse with a visitor without installing an extra intercom system. Such security cameras come in handy when you have a pet and are away. You can effortlessly calm and soothe your pet.  


The rising insecurity has prompted many to consider installing commercial and residential security systems with cameras. As explained above, the advanced home security systems with cameras have the best and unique features, which will help you curb insecurity in your home.

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