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Home Video Monitoring System

Best Home Video Monitoring Systems to Consider in 2022

Purchasing a full-fledged home video monitoring system can be costly. However, keeping an eye on your home while you’re away and keeping burglars away is very important.

Whether on a budget or not, below are the best wireless outdoor security camera systems and best indoor security camera systems.

Home Video Monitoring System

Wireless cameras use the internet and have different capabilities and features. They include artificial intelligence features like face recognition, battery power, solar-powered, microSD storage, free or paid cloud storage, and so forth.

So, what should you Look for in a Security Camera?

Go for better resolution, a wider field of view, colored night vision, two-way communication, and cloud storage if you can afford it.

Be on the lookout for Blue by ADT Indoor Camera, which comes with 24 hours free cloud storage.

Compare the retail price of the entire package and check rechargeable battery life length, including if they are solar-powered.

Also, look for the juice in additional features like functional smart notifications, integrated siren, or spotlight. Practical because some don’t work or come in too late.

The Three Outdoor Categories of Security Cameras for your Home

Three sets of outdoor security cameras are available: doorbell cameras, wireless cameras, and floodlight cameras.

You can integrate doorbell cameras into your doorbell; have two-way communication and motion sensors. The same power cord powers them as your doorbell, which is a plus.

Doorbells are, however, not compatible with a wireless bell ring. You would have to install the doorbell camera separately.

Most have a subscription for cloud storage, and a few come with a microSD card.

Wireless home security cameras also have a paid cloud storage monthly fee and can be installed anywhere you deem fit. Very few have the microSD storage option.

Floodlight cameras are wired, and they replace traditional floodlights. They are outfitted with bright lights and motion sensors to ward off criminals. Their disadvantage is connectivity issues due to WIFI signal strength since they are outside.

Connection and Remote Access

Since wireless cameras connect your WIFI, they are only as good as your internet. We are talking about the speed and lagging of images.

If you have connectivity issues, the cameras will stop recording until the connection is good.

Features of Wireless Security Cameras with Remote Viewing

Several modern cameras support voice commands Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, including   IFTTT (if this, then that), allowing you to construct applets that will enable the camera to work with other compatible devices. For example, when the camera detects motion, you can have an intelligent light bulb turn on (PCmag).

High-resolution cameras have advantages over lower-resolution sensors, even though 1080p is the most common.

Optical zoom lenses are rare in-home security cameras, but digital zoom is typical. More megapixels mean more digital zooming while maintaining clarity. The best Cameras have the PTZ (pan tilt zoom) combination.

In addition to image resolution, the angle of view varies between 100 and 180 degrees depending on the lens’ field of view. One hundred eighty degrees camera’s field of view covers a large area. Choosing a wide camera view angle is essential to monitor an extensive area. Additionally, the camera’s ability to pan and tilt mechanically is a big plus.

The two-way communication feature is another option that allows you to talk and listen to someone at your house when you are far away.

Best Buys

The best camera overall is the WYZE Cam. WYZE Cam Pan v2 was rated as most suitable for indoor security. The Arlo Video Doorbell stood out from its counterparts, while Arlo Pro 4 is ideal for outdoor home security. Nest Cam indoor and wired worked best with Google Assistant voice command (Cnet).

Ring Stick Up works best with Alexa, and it is also among the best buys for privacy and data security along with Google’s Nest Cam.

Lastly, you should also consider Reolink Argus 3 Pro, a cheaper alternative to Arlo Pro 4 with almost similar features.

Final Submission

Be sure to confirm the features once you have identified what you want. Check the image resolution and the type of storage you can afford. Paid cloud storage can be expensive in the long run.

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